eyeliner virgin needs your help!


Nov 8, 2006
I would like to start wearing eyeliner but I am really bag with stuff that needs precision. I have small ryes and would like some help to make them bigger.


Jan 3, 2008
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You will get the hang of it the more you practice! I have friends who've been doing their own makeup for awhile and claim to still draw crooked lines, so practice is key ;)

I've been wearing eyeliner for years and prefer liquid eyeliner to make my eyes pop out. You can try the ones from the drugstore that have the eyeliner brush attached, or use a slanted brush and dip it into a pot of black eyeliner paint (I use MAC).

If I don't wear false eyelashes, I use a dark brown pencil eyeliner for daytime. Pencil is quick and convenient, but I don't find it to amplify the eyes as much. I've attached a pic before and after (using eyeshadow, liner and lashes!). HTH


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May 25, 2006
start w/ pencil eyeliner. I like the revlon colorstay ones. make the line thin when drawing closer to the inner eye corner and thicker as u go towards outer eye corner. then do the same on lower eye. if it gets crooked, just take a qtip dipped in eye remover solution and go over the area.
Feb 26, 2006
Pencils are the best for beginners. I you want the look of liquid but need better control, I would suggest a gel or cream eyeliner. The most popular ones are from MAC and Bobbi Brown, but I would suggest trying one from Wet n Wild just to see how you like. It's under $5 and I heard it works really well. It comes in a little jar and has a brush with it. It's called Mega Eyes Creme Liner. Here's the info on the Wet n Wild website:


At least if you end up not liking it, you didn't spend as much money as you would have with MAC or Bobbi Brown.


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Feb 26, 2008
I loveeeeeee lancome art liner for a liquid... the tip is the easiest for me to apply liquid eyeliner with because it's not runny and it's like drawing! Love it! I don't do as well with pencil eyeliner!


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Nov 2, 2006
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I love pencil liners - Revlon ColorStay or Prestige 24 hour liners are great. Rather than trying to do one continuous precise line, make small dashes or tiny dots close to the lash line. You can then drag a small liner brush (or a pointy q-tip) across the liner to connect the lines/dots. This gives a lot more room for error since you dont have to worry about a perfect line. I like a more blended line on myself anyways, it looks a lot softer than a harsh straight line on my eyes. Have fun playing, youll get it!


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Apr 30, 2008
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Ulta brand has better staying power than revlon colorstay (which i used to love a lot. still do, not as much since ulta was on sale for $2 then recently $1 each!!)

it's an automatic liner and it stays all day; no smudging. once you want to start using more expensive brands urban decay 24/7 is the best.


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Jun 1, 2006
I would stick with pencil liners and the upper lashline for starters until you get a good feel on what works for your eye size and shape. For example, lining the lower waterline is a great, dramatic and fun look but can make eyes look smaller on the flip side. The lower lashline is a nice look too but might smudge too much (which is why I personally avoid it except for special occasions).


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
My biggest issue with liners in general is I can never seem to get it really close to the upper lashline as I see it in magazines and on other people... its so frustrating... any tips for that? I use both pencil and liquid.


Dec 14, 2005
My biggest issue with liners in general is I can never seem to get it really close to the upper lashline as I see it in magazines and on other people... its so frustrating... any tips for that? I use both pencil and liquid.
This was my biggest problem too because my lashes always got in the way. I don't know where I read this but it's really been working for me:

Get as close to the mirror as you can. Then with the hand opposite to the one you apply your makeup, use your index finger to GENTLY hold down your lashes while your eye is closed. Now for the hand that's holding down the lashes, make sure you place your elbow on the sink/vanity/wherever you do your makeup for support. The area closest to your lashline should now be completely exposed and then you can see exactly where to draw the line. Make small strokes instead of one continuous line, and then try to connect the dots afterwards. I know this probably sounds like a lot, but trust me it works. HTH.


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Dec 12, 2005
Norman, OK
Mine are tattooed on but I hae a spot here and there that is wearing out on my bottom line so I use a pencil. It's much each IMO. I've tried liquid eyeliner and can't get it to be as fine as I can with the pencil. I must be doing it wrong but the pencil works for me right now. I don't have to line my top line so it helps cause my lashes are in the way.


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Aug 20, 2006
Indianapolis, IN
i pull on the outter corner of my top lid that im wanting to line, and that help so i dont have any wrinkles, and i have a smooth lid to line. ive been wearing pencil liner forever, im still not good with liquid liner. i did get some gel liner in a pot from avon, and use a slanted brush, and LOVE to use that when i want dramatic lines. good luck!


Dec 26, 2007
San Diego, CA
I definitely recommend a pencil liner for beginners. I don't like the ones you have to sharpen manually, I find the formula dry and its hard to get a dark line without tugging really bad on the lid. I love the CoverGirl perfect point plus liners. They just twist up so you don't have to worry about using a pencil sharpener. They are also really soft so you don't have to tug on your lid to get a dark line. I believe they run about $6 each, but they last a long time.

If you want the look of liquid eyeliner your best bet would be revlon. They make a liquid liner that is in the form of a marker. There is no brush or anything, this helps to get a precise line even if you are a beginner. Its like $7 at walmart. Good luck!


May 14, 2008
Sunnyvale, CA
Along the lines of eyeliner...what do you guys do to prevent the eyeliner from coming off when you curl your eyelashes? I find that I sometimes spend 5-10 minutes to get the perfect lines, only to have them come off on my eyelash curler. :sad: