Eyeliner transfer

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  1. Does anyone else have problems with eyeliner color transfering onto their eyelids? I just started using stila smudge pots and the color of the liner always ends up in a line on my top lid. So I have a mirror image of the liner from the base of lashes on my eyelid over my existing eye make up.

    I tried to lightly brush powder on my lids when I was done, also tried to use a base to prep the eye for makeup and nothing has solved the problem as of yet.

    UGH - anyone have this issus? :crybaby: And if so, how do you fix / avoid it. In the mean time I will go back to my old stuff and see if it still happens - THANKS!!
  2. i used to have this problem as well! my infernally greasy eyelids always cause my eyeliner to smudge and crease upwards, and i know how difficult it can be to get it to stay in place. i've found that my waterproof chanel eyeliner, bobbi brown gel liner, and chanel liquid liner stay in place the best. now i still have to make sure i prep my lid with primer and a good layer of shadow to soak up any residual greasies, but once on these do stay for most of the day without creasing on my :tup:.
  3. I will try those eyeliners - sucks b/c I JUST bought three stila pots. There went $60!!! Thanks for the advice. This is such a new issue for me, but I guess that is what happens when u get older.
  4. ^^ oh booo :tdown:. do you think that i'll be able to take them back?
  5. I don't have oily lids, but I had that problem with Stila Smudgepots as well. I never could get it to stay in place, no matter what I tried :hrmm:
  6. i think benefit makes a product that can help it stay in place. and the primer from urban decay works good.
  7. I used to have such problem, so now i tapped my eyelids and my eyes below with loose powder first to prevent from eyeliner transfer and smudging.
  8. I second the UD primer potion...that stuff works wonders! Definitely check it out!
  9. Thanks all - I doubt Sephora will take them back as they have all been used. I am not sure what their policy is for returns on used product. I will look it up on their site now.

    I have heard of the UDPP and now I may try it in conjuction with the BB gel liner or chanel waterproof liner. I just hate the removal sessions with waterproof eye makeup. I use Loreal's eye makeup remover and it works fine, but I am afraid that may be contributing to the problem with my eyelids. The marvel that is being "woman" sure is tough - lol
  10. brutalangel - try the benefit makeup sealer 'she laq'... use enough of it and nothing on your face will budge (makeup wise..)
  11. I am in love with my Benefit Bad Gal black kohl liner, upper lids only and a pretty thick line. However, sometimes I get the transfer onto my lids if i'm not careful.

    My trick is to prep my lids with a dab of my foundation from lashes to brow and set it with loose powder. Then, I use a MAC paint pot (just started) in a super light shade. It goes on a little sticky but if you keep blending it with your finger it goes dry. Then, I do my shadow/liner. It seems like a lot of prep work but I don't have anymore eyeliner transfer problems, and my lids have a great, opaque base for shadows! (i'm super pale with transclucent vein-y eyelids so I need a clean base for shadows to look good!)
  12. ITA!!! This stuff is the sh*T!! I even put just a teeny bit all along my lower lash line and my pencil eyeliners even stay...which before would smear after 5 minutes lol!!! :flowers:
  13. Sephora will take them back! They have an amazing return policy. No questions asked.

    I used to have that problem and now I use Revlon Colorstay liquid liner. No smudging, amazing stay, and CHEAP!
  14. sephora will definitely take it back! they definitely accept returns of used products if for some reason you're dissatisfied with them so you should definitely return them and get your money back :tup:.
  15. Shiseido's cream eyeliner also works really well :yes: