Eyeliner Question..

  1. I always apply eyeliner to my top lid, but within about a few hours, it has smeared to under my lower lash line, it looks like morning-after makeup. My eyelids are rather oily, which is what I presume causes the smearing.
    Can any recommend a good eyeliner that prevents smearing b/c of oil, and that stays where it was applied until you remove it with makeup remover? Btw, I do not like to use liquid eyeliner, just pencil. Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I've already posted this in another eyeliner thread, but I swear by MAC PowerPoint pencil! Waterproof and it's pretty good with staying put on my oily eyelids!

    BUT -- if you REALLY want to go budge-free, I suggest using MAC Liquidlast. I know you said you don't like liquid, but seriously, this will stay on ALL DAY.
  3. Maybe a primer could help you with this problem?
  4. Try this, after lining your lids with the pencil, go over it with a eyeshadow powder to set. It will last longer but liquid eyelier is definitely a better choice anytime ! I have the same problem like yours and I swear by liquid eyeliner. I used to only love pencils before but after trying liquid eyeliner, it changed my view totally ! Good luck ! :smile:
  5. I agree with hermesrose, applying an eyeshadow over your liner as a sealent really works! For additional staying power, I add a tiny bit of contact solution to my brush before dipping it into the eyeshadow.
  6. What contact solution do you use? I have same problem as thread poster, and I can't use liquid eyeliners, I have sensitive eyes that itch like hell, even to the Mac ones.
  7. always use a primer first. as for liners, bobbi brown gel liners and mac fluid line work best. if you want a pencil, try urban decay's 24/7 liners. good luck!
  8. ^^ I second the bobbi brown gel liner...I use it and i love, love, LOVE it! My eyelids are oily, too and this is the only eyeliner that I've tried that stays on all day and all night!
  9. Thanks, ladies, very much for all the suggestions! I am going to go out this week-end and look at some of these different eyeliners mentioned in this thread. :smile:
  10. I Love Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner...
    really stays put!
  11. I use MAC fluidline in blacktrack as it's easy to apply and stays put all day, the others I've tried usually smudge after a few hours
  12. I've always had "raccoon eyes" but once I started using Blinc mascara and Revlon colorstay eyeliner everything stays put from morning til night!