Eyeliner: Pencil vs. Brush

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  1. Hey ladies! So, I've been using Urban Decay 24/7 pencils and also the black eyeshadow that they have as an eyeliner with a benefit angled brush. I like the brush better because it gives me a more natural look, plus the pencils I have always glide on too thick.

    So, which one do you prefer? Or works better for you? Also, does anyone have any tips on how to get the pencil to not draw such a thick line? Thanks!
  2. For a special night out or when I need to feel gorgeous, I pull out all my artillery (which includes cream liner with an angled brush) Bobbi Brown makes a particularly nice one. However for every day activities, I use a pencil which takes a minute and adds a line of color to my lids. I'm not that fussy about how thin the line is, I just go for ease of application, and wonderful color. You can get some great pencils in Walgreen's - don't have to pay big prices for pencils.
  3. I use a brush all the time...I'm not very good with pencil, my hands are too shaky. I can never get pencil liner to look even and smooth.

    Make sure your pencil is really sharp to avoid a thick line.
  4. The Urban Decay 24/7 liner is almost too creamy IMO, because you can't keep a sharp tip on it at all. If I use that one, I use a brush with it, because it just goes on TOO thick. I also like Laura Mercier's cake eyelinerl, which you also put on with a brush. You can get super precise with it. For everyday, quick use, I like Revlon Colorstay Pencil. They are hard to beat IMO.
  5. i use both. also after i put on eyeliner with pencil, i always smooth it out with a brush so it won't look so messy.
  6. I'm a fan of gel liner with a brush myself...I feel that I can control it and it goes on better than pencil.
  7. I use a few different liners and i like them all. revlon colorstay liquid, urban decay 24 7 in zero and bobbi brown gel are awesome
  8. ITA :tup: Whenever I use it, it's huge. I don't want the line too thick, so that's why I have a better time with the brush. Plus, I find that with the brush, it's a bit more precise.

    I usually use a Q-tip to blend/smooth the lines.