Eyeliner pencil recommendations

  1. What is a great eyeliner pencil under $20? Or something that will last me for more than a month?

    I line my eyes everyday and have been using Armani smooth silk eye pencil. I :heart: this product, and have it in black, brown, and deep purple. My dilemma is I go through my pencils so quickly (I have to replace one every month or so...:sad:) and at $26 a pop, I don't think I can continue on for much longer.

    Any suggestion is appreciated! TIA!
  2. I use laura mercier pencil and i love it, it lasts more then a month too =)
  3. I use mary kay and I love them! They are mechanical so you don't have to worry about sharpening them and they last longer than a month.
  4. mac kohl power in feline. It's an intense black, it's smudges great, stays on the water lines perfectly, good for contact wears. I can only wear eyeliner on my waterline, because it just dont look right anywhere else. Only bad thing about these wonders is they were limited edition as usually with MAC. I've been bugging my MA about these pencils forever! I really wish MAC would release more colors, or even better make them permnament!!.
  5. The laura mercier is also mechanical and very soft, glides on perfectly
  6. revlon makes a colorstay one and is decent.

    does anyone have any recs for a coppery glitter eye liner?
  7. urban decay 24/7 pencils are awesome!!!

    FemBot: try the urban decay pencils, the have a couple coppery glitter liners.
  8. I think the only pencils I own atm are Sephora brand and Revlon Colorstay. Sephora's you have to sharpen and Colorstay are the twist-up kind, but they're both good. L'Oreal used to make one that I LOVED, not sure if they still do... It was a tiny skinny pencil that made a super thin line and it came in a 2-pack with a sharpener for ~$5. It was called Micro something-- it made it really easy to get close to the lashline!
  9. For eyeliner I've been using Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner, but since you are looking for a pencil... I'd go with MAC's Eye Kohl (I have it in Smolder)... I usually use this for my waterline, and it works great.
  10. Thanks! I will definitely try out the recommendations!
  11. Good luck, and let us know what you decide on!
  12. NYX baby!
  13. I have a gel eye pencil from MAC, got it two years ago but I'm not sure what its called since i'm at work. It works great, doesn't get messy at all..well maybe after you sleep on it.
  14. My mom swears by the Clinique eyeliner, the mechanic one. But it smudges really easily on my oily lids, so you might want to consider that.