eyeliner - Liquid, pencil, or shadow?

  1. I use a pencil liner now but I have a really hard time getting it on my top lid without getting to thick and yucky looking. What do you guys use for liner and why?
  2. i have gone through stages where i have used every type of liner.
    for the longest time, my favorite was using a black eyeshadow (Night Breed by Nars) and applying it with an eyeshadow brush. it doesnt look perfect and its smudgy which i liked. then i used a liquid eyeliner pencil for awhile but it was too hard to apply. I've never really liked eyeliner pencils, but have tried those and have had the same problems as you. right now, my favorite is mac fluidline. its amazing. i use brush #266 (also by mac) its sooo easy to apply and lasts all day! def. my favorite.
  3. Right now, I use pencil liner to lightly line the top inner lash line and the outer half of my lower lash line. I then use liquid liner right on top of my lash line and extend it slightly beyond my eye.
  4. I do the same thing;) the pencil gives that smokey look while the liquid applied close to the lash gives that little pop to the line.
    l'oreal has just come out with a new eyeliner that is supposed to give this look. haven't tried it yet.
  5. I usually use black gel or cream eyeliner on top with black shadow smuged over top and I use shadow on the bottom.

    If I am not in the mood for black liner, I will use shadow to line top and bottom the same colour as my crease or a bit darker.
  6. I use eyeshadow - so I got all colours I need. If it should stay very long, I use it with a wet (not really wet, you know - sorry, I don´t find the correct word... so "clammy"?) small brush - that´s perfect for me.
  7. I use a pencil liner now.
  8. I like liquid. It stays put and doesn't smear. Once you put it on, you're set for the day.
  9. I use all of them!
    depends on what kind of line i want. if I want something precise I use a pencil or a pen type liquid. The liquids I don't use as often, mostly when I apply false lashes.
    I love the way I can dampen a brush and apply powder, and I love the fact that I have tons of shadows so many shades to choose from.
  10. I never use pencil as a liner. I only use it for the eyebrows, and I'm currently in the process of experimenting with other alternatives even for that. As of right now, I'm using Bobby Brown's gel liner which is great if you don't want it to smudge within about 8 hours of wear. It's a bit more time consuming than other liners though since you have to wash the brush after use. Basically, the only liners I use are either gel or liquid.
  11. I use shadow,pencil and liquid eyeliners..
    It depends on the effect that I want..
    Like if I want it dark and clean i'll use a liquid eyeliner, if I want it slightly smudged I'll use pencil or shadow...
  12. I generally use Benefit Bad Gal (pencil, thick kohl) liner for every day (top lids only).

    when I want to go all out I'll top that with some liquid liner, absolutely!!
  13. I use pencil if I do it at all. Powder shadow is too much trouble and it doesn't stay as fresh on my lids as pencil does. And liquid looks too harsh on me.
  14. I can only use liquid as pencil ones dry my lids out. I use the one by Loreal. It's the felt tip one.
  15. I'm currently in the gel-pot stages.. It's so versatile and great staying power!