Eyeliner & Its different effects! (PICS) Come and have a look! ***

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  1. Lining (or not lining) your eyes gives them different looks and changes the attitude and mood of your features.
    Play around with all the different ways you can line them, and you'll see what I mean!

    Here are a few pics of me.
    I love makeup. And I experiment alot with it, discovering how and why it changes the appearence of the facial features as it brings some things forwards, makes others recede, and creates what is not naturally there.... :heart:

    This is a follow-up to a previous thread about eyeliner... But I thought Id make a sub-thread complete with photos so you can see for yourself how even a subtle difference with a eyeliner pencil can create a whole different face...

    Below: Here, I have heavily lined the top and inner rim (waterline) for a dramatic effect. I concentrated on drawing the curve slightly downwards on the inner corners and lifted them up on the outer corners, creating the exaggerated cat-eye flick:


    Below: Here is me with eyeliner on the top lid only, carefully flicked out the corners. I have used mascara sparingly on the lower lashes for subtle definition, making the face look 'softer'


    Below: And finally, here I have used black eyeliner on the top lid. I have used colours (green, aquas, blues) as eyeliner for the bottom. I used a thickening, curling mascara to draw the eyes up and create a darker, thicker line at the lash base:


    See how different the application of eyeliner changes the whole face? What do you think? :smile:
  2. I agree, I can't leave the house without eyeliner. I do my eyeliner almost like your first picture except I usually don't line the whole bottom of my eyelid.

    I'm so jealous of your eyelashes!
  3. I think, these are the best :yes:
    and a little question: are these your own lashes? :shocked:

    Please, say no.... ;) :tup:
  4. Oh man, can you come do my make up?!?!?!
  5. Cool you should've tried with white too!
  6. LOL thanks for the comments guys. I dont have any sisters to have makeovers with so I have to do with my own face for now. Yes, they are my real lashes - its all about how you apply the mascara! go slow and curve them as you apply! Primers are handy to try beforehand too.

    Liberte, thats a good idea! I will have to try that. I usually put a white/beige shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop and open them up. Give it a go! Its a wonder for killing hungover eyes!

    Anyone got any makeup pics or tricks they wanna share??
  7. Thanks for the awesome pics-very different looks!
  8. Great demo! You have mastered the skill of eyelining for sure. THanks for sharing.
  9. wow you look fabulous thanks for sharing :smile:
  10. oh ur eyes and lashes are gorgeous!! it realli makes a real big diff with both upper and lower eyeline drawn which is more rigid....
  11. What type of eyeliner did you use? The pictures look great!!
  12. Great pictures. I wish I had your eyelashes!
  13. I love how you did your eyes with all the different eyeshadows!
  14. for the 1st pic, I used a black liquid liner on top, black pencil on bottom.
    2nd pic was a fine line with a pencil.
    3rd pic was a pencil aided with a thickening mascara, concentrating on the lash base to make a thicker line.

    Theres so much you can use: liquid liner, pencil, mascaras and for those with an unsteady hand, try black eyeshadow applied with a lipbrush!

    Lashes, yes they are mine but were enhanced with primer and curling, thickening mascaras. BUT you can always try two fake lashes - one applied on the outer corner of each eye - to give that added lift and flick!! :tup:

    Thanks for all of your wonderful comments ladies!
    Im only 20 years old but Ive always wanted to become a makeup artist but felt i wasnt ever good enough to even undertake a course....

    Perhaps I wil now :smile:
  15. You've got very beautiful eyes and am sure if I do follow the way you did, my eyes won't be as beauty as yours.

    Thanks for posting.