eyeliner issues

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  1. I need to stop posting but I am sitting here bored out of my mind at work and keep thinking of questions and you gals seem to know these things! I am looking for an eyeliner that will stay and not wear off an hour after I put it on. Currently I am using the powder one from MAC and apply it with a brush. I read somewhere how to keep it on longer but I cant for the life of me remember where...
  2. You can try wetting the brush first, or maybe you need something more pigmented. Also, do you put on your foundation first? I use shadows as liner and I never have a problem :shrugs:
  3. Try jetset by Smashbox. It will last and last!
  4. If you wear eyeliner everyday consider getting it tattooed.
  5. ^ Tattooed eyeliner tends to fade I hear.
  6. ^ Not really, my mom has had it for 20 years. It fades slightly, like all tattoos, and that's when it looks most natural.
  7. I use carbon eyeshadow from MAC that I apply with their eyeliner brush. Also - and this is key - I set it with "liner last," made by English Ideas. It literally will stay on for hours, this was after years and years of searching for something that would stay on my face all day. They used to sell it at sephora but it's become difficult to find, so I would suggest buying it online if you can get a hold of it. It's about $20, I use mine every day, and it will probably last you about a year or so. It's so worth it and was the answer I was looking for!
  8. Urban Decay Primer Potion helps eyeliner stay on better, as well as eyeshadow. Apply it all over your eye with your fingertip, making sure you get it on the lashline too.
  9. Use your powder wet with a saline solution like visine eye drops or BE Weather Everything eyeliner sealant.