eyeliner help...

  1. I used Almay eyeliner, feels like gel , went on smoothly. I found that if I "set" it with shadow it will stay on all day.
  2. Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner is the best I've ever used. It stays on all day!
  3. I use MAC. Regular eye pencil in indigo or the powerpoint eye pencils are really good too and have a lot of color options.
  4. try MAC or Stila smudge pots you apply with a angled brush. it works really well for me bc b4 I used pencil and it would smear on the buttom of my eyes. but with the MAC is doesnt smear and the liner goes on smoother and the color is bolder.
  5. i use one from revlon and like it ok. it glides on easy and stays put.
  6. I use Mac. It goes on smooth and lasts long.
  7. I am also a fan of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, I use Violet (makes brown eyes pop) on my top lid. Doesn't budge all day long.

    On days when I'm in a hurry, I use MAC Powerpoint pencil eyeliner. I put some powder on my lids first before I put on the eyeliner so it "sets" the eyeliner.
  8. I've been wearing eyeliner for years. The best way to apply eyeliner IMO is to first use a pencil. After that take a powder eyeshadow in the same color and go over it. This sets it so it stays put, and it will last all day. Promise.
  9. i use nars shadow and a liner brush too, looks great, defines but still looks natural
  10. MAC khol eye pencil =D
  11. My fave is made by shiseido. It has a real brush on the end like a tiny watercolor brush and you press a button on the end of the tube to prime the brush. Then you can paint the liner on which is like a gel, as light or dark as you want.


  12. I do something similar to your method too! Tried high-end AND low-end eyeliner. Turns out that Loreal is the best brand for me. I line my eyes, then use use a pencil to add definition...and finish it up with powder shadow in the same color. Works like a charm :smile:
  13. Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner is superb! I use Expresso Ink, and am about to buy the Bronze Shimmer.
  14. I use Bobbi Brown shadows as a liner. I just use it dry and it stays on pretty long. If you wet your liner brush first, it's got even more staying power. BB has a gel liner that's great also.
  15. I LOVE Rimmel Special Eyes Eye Liner Pencil - it's cheap, too - only $2 or $3!! I've used more expensive brands, but this is my new favorite! I love their lip liner and nail polish, too.