eyeliner help...

  1. hi,
    I have seen several threads here on makeup... and I am hoping someone out there can help !!!

    I love my eyeliner and would never leave the house without it.. but
    I have yet to find the perfect one.... anything long lasting...out there ??
    also I have a problem that it slowly runs down my face...need to always touch it up during the day...

    any tips and help welcome.... which eyeliner do you recommend ??
  2. Do you prefer liquid or kohl pencil? I line my top eyelids with black liquid liner, Loreal Lineur Intense. I use a kohl pencil for the bottom lids, Clinique eye pencil (don't know the exact name) also in black. Both have great staying power, they stay on from the time I put it on in the morning to when I take it off with eye makeup remover at night :smile:
  3. Hi there..
    I prefer the pencil version... i have tried lancome..
    l'oreal, etc.....

    i have not found the perfect eyeliner yet.
  4. i find mechanical pencils work best. it's like the best of both worlds of liquid and pencil...

    oh yeah, i also like to use eyeshadow and an angled brush a lot.
  5. I use a Bobbi Brown charcoal eye shadow as liner, with one of their liner brushes. Can get a really narrow but soft line and it stays put.

    Once when I was on a trip to NY and had forgotten my make-up I went to Bendel. The Bobbi Brown cosmetician showed me this and I have been doing it this way every since. Much better than real "eye liner."
  6. I adore my Chanel eyeliner pencils - I also had the issue of needing to reapply and 'straighten' during the day

    you should give them a shot!
  7. I use the Almay Liquid. The applicator looks like a tiny little felt tip marker for precise lines. I wear it all day every day and it STAYS. Another bonus is that it comes off easily when I wash my face before bed too. Good stuff right there :heart:
  8. ooh great thread, I can never get it to stay either. Could I also ask, do you guys actually line the rim on the bottom lid, or put it under the lashes. I prefer the look of actually lining the eye, but find that the liner disappears really quickly because it is in the eye socket (so to speak, hard to describe). sorry to jump in on your fab thread, but it is always bugging me! :smile:
  9. I do the same thing with Nars eye shadow. Works like a charm.
  10. I line my rims with MAC power points and it stays all day. Also you can use MAC fluidline with an angled brush and it lasts all day too
  11. have you tried dior? i use theirs, the one with the applicator sponge on the other end and i have to admit i dont wear it that often but when i do it stays on for as long as i want which is usually day and night. Its just a bit of a pain to get off though
  12. I use dark brown Bobbi Brown Eye shadow with an angled flat brush...way more natural and holds ALL DAY!
  13. i use bobbi brown gel eyeliner. i use the violet shade - it's subtle and stays on all day.
  14. I LOVE Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. It is GREAT! Waterproof and lasts long! Also, the colors are gorgeous! I have it in lilac ink as well as graphite ink. Definitely give it a try. Make sure you get their eyeliner brush though. You can't do without it!
  15. ^^ lilac ink...that's what i have! couldn't think of the name of it...