Eyeliner does not stay on me!!! what can i use?

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  1. Ive tried liquid and pencil liners and they never stay on me! I must be anti liner! It always smudges and smears or just vanishes off me..

    i normally wear liquid on the bottom because it lasts longer then a pencil liner. Is there something i can use to make it stay on?
  2. Maybe the formula of liner slides off your skin's natural oils? Have you tried waterproof liners like MAC powerpoints?
  3. yes waterproof, revlon color stay.. ive tried them all =)
  4. Maybe you could line your eyes with a cream eyeshadow???....you just need the right type of brush to help you achieve the desired look.
  5. It's funny you mention this because I have the same issue! My eyes look great in the AM, but by mid-morning, the eyeliner is either gone or smudged. It is very frustrating!
  6. I was going to suggest MAC as well. I have the MAC Technakohl Liner and it goes on so smoothly and easily, and stays put really well.
  7. Use a primer, I recommend Urban Decay Primer Potion. Try Stila smudge pots or MAC paint pots. Apply with an eyeliner brush.
  8. You could also try blotting your eyelids with some of those oil-removal blotter sheets or using a little powder on your lids that absorbs oil. Getting rid of excess oil might help keep the eyeliner in place.
  9. I agree with priin about the primer. I "prime" my eyelids with a dot of foundation, then apply powdered eyeshadow (pressed or loose), then black liquid eyeliner on top, kohl pencil on bottom. The kohl smudges only a tiny bit, and the liquid stays on all day.
  10. If you haven't just yet, give MAC LiquidLast Liner a chance. I have oily lids and this thing stayed put all day and then some! I even had a problem removing it.
  11. I second the Urban Decay Primer Potion..its the best!!! I have oily lids and this is the ONLY thing I've tried that works.
  12. I second this... the liner basically dries to a plastic line which can only be removed with WP makeup remover and a lot of rubbing... Won't smear off that easily
  13. You should maybe invest in a more expensive eyeliner. I use Shiseido Liquid Liner, which is really good.

    Its quite expensive at start, because you buy the actual pen, but once you use all the cartalidge up you will just need to buy a new cartalidge.
  14. ITA the same thing used to happen to me and after applying the UDPP to my lower lashlne, it now stays put