Eyelid surgery without the double eyelid?


Sep 30, 2018

I am chinese, mono lids. I am actually fine with mono lid, but what I don't like is my droopy eyelids that covers half of my eyelash. My left eye has a little bit of ptosis which makes it smaller than my right eye. I also thinking about inner epi.

Is there such a surgery that does NOT give me double eyelid but fixes the above problems? Any clinics in Korea or America that can give me what I want?

The only thing I have seen is Uvom's middle age eye surgery. I saw their blog post here



Mar 30, 2016
Hello, yep you simple ask for epi and ptosis correction, or maybe they can cut the skin that is drooping too much with cut being real close to the lashes so you won't get double eyelid. Or you may ask for a very low DES so it won't even look like you have double eyelid (hope it makes sense).
I checked out uvom link and tbh it simply looks like a DES for people with excessive skin on the lids regardless the age. A lot of clinics in korea can suggest such a procedure. When I was consulting for my surgery I asked about this procedure, so that's how I know :smile: