Eyelid surgery in Korea, flight from Vietnam


Sep 29, 2020
Hiii everyone!!!
I have been searching and reading a lot on youtube and especially this forum. But i realize that there are many fake review from the clinic. It’s not that bad when they wanna have good business, i dont mind but I’m so confused as i’m a male and i’m afraid of the surgery.
Let’s talk about my situation a little bit.
i have done a double eyelid surgery (stitching method) after few months i think this is not what i expected. My eyelid was too high, big, unnatural ( i’m young and dumb) now very depressed.
I’m thinking to go to Korea when they give me visa ( depending my job and the corona virus )
Pls give me some advice and where else i can read more about that? Anyone here from Vietnam thinking of traveling though to Korea for eyelid surgery?
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