Eyelid bump - anyone ever had this?

  1. I've had this little bump on my eyelid (right on the hairline where lashes start) for a few months now and it has not gone away. At first I thought it was a sty (which I've never had before either), but the bump is not red/swollen or infected. It literally looks like a hard whitehead, and it is barely noticeable unless you get up close.

    I've thought about trying to squeeze it but it's very hard and doesn't seem like it would budge. Does this sound familiar to anyone, and if so do you know of any remedies for it?

    I'm getting ready to see a dr. about it, but I wanted to check here first in case it was something I could easily handle without having to have it removed. Thanks!
  2. Yes I forget what they are called, but they are caused by putting too much product or thick cream area the eye area - essentially like a clogged pore. I get them too. If you avoid the eyelid area when you apply moisturizer, it should start to fade over time.
  3. I get those occasionally. Mine usually go away after a few days.
  4. I have had one for years. My mother did too. So I don't know if what i have is heridetary (sp) condition. Mine didn't show up till i was in my 20's. I was just at the eye doctor and she asked me if it had changed at all. She said they were normal but if it changed i'd need to go into the dermatologist. so if yours does not go away as quick as the others have mentioned , i'd go to the dermatologist but i wouldn't worry. i never got mine removed b/c i have a big phobia of people poking around my eye. :s
  5. It sounds like a calcium deposit. I had one of those under my lower lash before. A doctor can get it out of you.
  6. It is milia. My aunt recently came to my dad's clinic to have one removed. He just used a sterile needle to pop it right out. Any GP should be able to do it for you. I have had these on occasion as well, but I just pop them out on my own with a needle or pointed tweezers. Note: I do not recommend that you do that! I am notorious for doing things to myself that would be better left in the hands of a physician! :nogood:

  7. I have had one that lasted a few months but i just popped it eventually.
  8. I had one on my eye and I had one under my arm pitt(i know sounds gross), I had my derm remove it. I def dont recommend removing them by yourself, I've tried and it hurt like hell! he told me that they are very common.
  9. Thanks girls - yeah I think trying to remove it myself would be really painful. I've tried to let it be and see if it goes away, but it has been around for months already and I'm just tired of it!!
  10. It could be milia or a clogged hair follicle, or also possible that it's a cyst. Cysts need to be removed surgically, i.e. the surgeon has to remove the whole "sac". Otherwise, it just fills up again.
    When is your appointment? Have you tried soaking it in warm water for 20 minutes at a time? That might do it, if it's just a clogged follicle?
  11. when you just see one appear, you can easily pop it out with a needle. However, if you don't (like me when I got one when I was ~10 yr old), it'll be VERY difficult to pop out and the tiny keratin-cyst will just grow bigger (for me it was about 1.5mm) and you'll feel pain when you touch it. I just got 2 (including the big one) removed last summer by an eye doc and he said that "you're not supposed to pop it out with a needle because it will just grow back" so instead, he used a razor and made a 5mm incision under each cyst and took out the cysts. He froze my eye too; one needle went right on my lashline and the other was IN the inside corner of my eye (WOW that was the most PAINFUL thing... and there more afterward he used some burning metal rod to burn and seal the incisions (again, the inside corner one hurt like HELLLLLL) lol.
    And oh, I don't think these cysts have much to do with makeup or heavy eyecreams (they may aggravate though), because the bigger cyst I had, like I said, appeared when I was 10 which was a time when I was free of anything on my face :yes:
  12. Ouch :crybaby:
  13. Glitterglo, you took the scream right out of my mouth! :upsidedown:
  14. Same here, I usually get them when I don't get enough sleep.