Eyelashes Staying curled

  1. hi guys... Ive been using diorshow mascara for a while now, its nice and all....but after getting my eyelashes to the perfect degree of curl (:p ) they DROOP down after applying mascara? and we are only talking like 1-2 coats here...

    am I doing something wrong?
    I would rather not maintain the curl by doing the following:
    waterproof mascara... a pain to remove
    curling after applying mascara (yikes!)

    please share your secrets!! :smile:
  2. Heated eyelash curler, it doesnt pinch ur eyelashes. You first put on mascara, then u comb through the heated eyelash curler and viola, it stays all day long! I have stickly straight lashes and I swear by this!
  3. Hmm, for me the heated eyelash curler works...but it makes your eyelashes look stiff and thick with mascara. In my experience waterproof mascara is the way to go, it's not as "heavy" for some reason. Oh, and when applying mascara, when you get to the ends of your lashes hold the brush there for a few seconds and make sure you pull away upwards. Otherwise the lashes might snag on the brush when you pull away outwards and it ruins the curl.
  4. My theory is to put on a very thin coat of mascara on after curling, wait till it dries and then put on the second coat.

    If you apply a thick first coat, the mascara wets the lashes and drags down the curl.

    Still trying to master this trick! Alternatively, get your eyelashes permed.
  5. Blinc mascara. Tubes each individual lash and keeps it like that. Used by all the starts. Not classed as a waterproof but acts like it ie guarantee that it will never sumdge, run anything - I can vouch that it doesn't
  6. My best bet is to have them permed. I offer this service in the salon and it's only $45 and will last about 3 months. Your lashes are just like all the other hair on your body! There are three ways to change their texture.....heat, moisture or chemicals all combined with tension. It's a restructuring of the hydrogen bonds and is only temporary when you use an eyelash curler whether it's heated or not. So, it will tend to droop after a bit plus if you curl them after applying the mascara you're more likely to have breakage.
    Also, another trick you could try and I train all of my eyelash extension clients to do this: purchase disposable mascara brushes. Throughout the day or after you've applied your mascara, use the clean brush, Not underneath your lashes but on the top, and place it on the lashes. Use your index finger and thumb to roll the brush towards the tips of the lashes (And use it as a form to shape the lash) while using the index finger of the opposite hand to make a letter C. Using that "letter C" finger in conjunction with the eyelash brush, push the lashes into a curl shape, towards your eyelid. This will help them to maintain a nice "C" shaping.
    Gosh....I hope that didn't sound confusing!
  7. What I do is curl my lashes, then apply a thin coat of Shiseido Lasting Lift mascara, wait for it to dry then re-appy. After the second coat is dry, I curl them once more. This mascara really helps to keep them curled all day long, highly recommended!
  8. i completely agree with perming eyelashes. i have been having it done for years and think it makes an amazing difference. but it is very important to find someone who is good/experienced at it or you could end up with an awful result. also make sure they use the perming gel from a one-use only ampoule. some perming solutions come in a bottle and i think the effects of the solution wear off and arent as effective. good luck!
  9. i love shiseido lasting lift mascara it really curls ur lashes and it lasts!
  10. i got my eyelashes permed before, too...loved it, but i wish it lasted more than 2 months.
  11. The waterproof Diorshow is excellent! To remove it, try Neutrogena's oil-free eye make-up remover, the one in the blue bottle, and says "even removes waterproof mascara". It works like a charm. I buy these by the buckets.
  12. I use diorshow too I love it!! I also use a Shu Uemura eye lash curler it is the BEST eyelash curler I have ever used my eyelashes look awesome.
  13. shiseido lasting curl is the best. use it with the primer for great results
  14. My eyelashes always droop, too, if I curl first... even Blinc Kiss Me mascara causes them to lose their curl. I may have to try a heated lash curler... but for some reason I imagine that wouldn't work either. Can you curl your lashes AFTER applying mascara with the heated curler?
  15. I just tried the "Japanese eyelash perm" and I can't begin to describe how it changed my life! It's the bestest thing ever. Now I don't know how I ever lived without it.