Eyelash Tinting

  1. 'til they all 'turn over' = fall out.
  2. Typically it lasts about 3 weeks. You can get eyelash tints at Sally beauty supply and do it yourself if you have a steady hand. Or else you can ask your friend / spouse / etc. do it for you. It is as easy to do as a mascara.

    Also, for people with dark lashes: the tint dyes the ends of the eyelashes (the fringe), so that they seem instantly longer. The ends are usually faded from sun exposure even in darkest brunettes.

  3. I have brown full long eye lashes so I haven't really needed to dye mine, however I have been doing it on & off for a few years now. I use the black dye & it still makes a difference. It's so easy to do & doesn't take long at all. It's also not as fiddly to do as some people might think. You can also use the eye lash dye for an eyeliner too.

    Eyelash dye also comes in a light & dark brown. Cheap stuff.
  4. I love the lash and brow tinting. What is even better is that I do it myself. I buy Colorsport Lash & Brow Tint from Boots in the UK. It costs about $10 and has enough applications to last a year. Sometimes you can get them on eBay too.
  5. oh that's nice swanky! i get it, i use waterproof and it's a pain in the butt to remove. you're lucky you can tint them. i have dark hair :sad:
  6. When I get my lashes permed the do the tint as well and it looks really nice. I have very dark brown hair almost black and I do see a slight difference.
  7. Nice! I wonder if it works for a natural brunette that dyes her hair ginger red... Do you think there's something out there to lighten my dark lashes so as not to contrast with my dyed hair?
  8. I'm a natural red head and have light lashes - I get them tinted brown/black whenever I have to travel. Love not having to worry about mascara.
  9. I'm a natural redhead as well, but I wasn't impressed when I had my lashes dyed. The only benefit was that my lower lashes looked better (I never put mascara on my lower lashes), but it was so uncomfortable for me and I still had to put my Diorshow Blackout mascara on my top lashes. It just isn't worth it for me.
  10. If you don't want to get your lashes dyed, Neutrogena makes a product called Clean Lash Tint which makes lashes black but doesn't clump or flake like mascara or leave behind the raccoon eyes thing. It doesn't enhance or lengthen the lashes at all, it only darkens, so it doesn't look stiff like mascara can, or really like you're wearing anything. It washes off only with water and is good for people who wear contacts or that have easily irritated eyes. You just apply it like mascara and it lasts all day, you can even rub your eyes and it won't leave residue on the skin.
  11. ^^
    I've got to try this. This and the tinting sound great
  12. ive always wondered about that, but i guess it wouldnt really work for me bc although theyd be darker, my eyelashes are still mad short and id still have to wear masacara for length...
  13. I find that if I just get my eyelashes tinted alone, it doesn't make much difference - I still need to curl them and add a bit of mascara to have them hold their shape. On the other hand, when I get them permed and tinted it's fantastic - I only apply makeup for a more dramatic evening look and NO RACCOON EYES! I was nervous about doing it at first, but after researching it, the process seems quite safe.
  14. I just tried this for the first time a few days ago and I'm very impressed. I have very dark almost black lashes but the tinting made them look thicker and longer like I'm wearing mascara. My salon recommended it for the summer so I don't have to deal with mascara when swimming. In NYC it cost $29 at a mid-priced salon. I have no idea if this is reasonable or not but seems worth it to be mascara free for 3 months.

  15. erms does very little for people with dark lashes..

    i'm blessed with black lashes due to being asian... pretty much throwing money down the drain... better to just go for eyelash extensions instead :smile: