Eyelash Tinting

  1. I always get my eyelashes tinted and here in Australia it is not dangerous at all!!! :smile: It only costs about $12 and is SO much better then runny, clumpy, flakey mascara.
  2. il show you the photos of my eyes after getting them done.. it is very dangerous and if you ( i wish i had of done this before i got my done) look up this on the internet it will tell you the same. mascara and eyelash curlers also pulls out eyelashes but hey we still do it:shrugs:
  3. Has anybody tried this? I am thinking of getting it done for days I want to go au-naturale (I look naked without mascara), but I'm concerned about how safe it is for my eyes. TIA!
  4. Never did it..but yeah it is quite scarey for your eye's saftey..
    but someone here might know about it :smile:
  5. I have mine done (it is legal here, not so everywhere!) and it is worth it-however, it stings! The woman who does mine is licensed, and uses a German product,but even as careful as we are, when you initially open your eyes it stings like crazy for about 10 minutes and you have to keep putting cotton saturated w/ice water on your eyes-it has never affected my vision in any way, and since I hate mascara it is the answer (for about 3 weeks or so).
  6. Never tried it B4, let us know how it goes for you if you do it!
  7. It is nice,but the results aren't hugely noticable unless your eyelashes are super pale. We learned how to do it in cosmetology school, so we were always trading dying each others lashes.
  8. I've had it done a few times, usually before I go on holiday somewhere, and to be honest its more hassle than its actually worth. As pugsonpurses said, it does sting like hell for a while when they put it on. The place where I get it done leaves soaked cotton wool pads over your eyes for 10 minutes, then takes them off and wipes off the excess tint.
    When they show the results in the mirror, it always dissapoints me because it doesn't look half as good as actual mascara. Never the less, if you've never tried it before I would give it a go, just to see if it works better for you.
    Hope that helps!! x
  9. Good point. I don't think it is worth the discomfort and/or work, whether you do it yourself or have it done, and I say this as one whose lashes have begun to lose pigment, become susceptible to rusty tips, etc.

    At 54, I have so many years of experience putting on mascara that it is just way easier - and easier on my eyes - to do that.

    Another consideration for older ladies, eyelashes are not replaced, so anything that is likey to cause even a few casualties is a good thing to avoid, and yes, that does involve false lashes and/or the new extensions!
  10. I've been having my lashes dyed for years.

    It only stings if the person applying it does not do so carefully.

    I like the salons where I am sitting upright when they apply it, not lying down. The fluid has less of a chance to go under my eyelids (especially since I bow my head while the dye is taking).

    Plus the aestheticians get the eyebrow tint and wax more even when they can look directly at me. I sit on a barstool and the aesthetician stands before me. I always get the trio: brow wax, eyelash tint, eyebrow tint.

    Love tinting. I have hay fever and mascara bothers my eyes. Also, I don't wake up looking like a ghost.
  11. Hi all. New member. I'm thinking of getting something done and wondered if anyone had any experience with it. My lashes are long, kind of thin, but seem to be really faded on the ends. If I'm not wearing tons of mascara, it looks like I don't have any lashes. So, I was thinking about hair dye and was wondering if I could do that to my eyelashes, too. Some ill-planned home dyeing was under consideration. Then a group of friends decided to have a spa day and sent me the list of services. The spa offers lash tinting. I wondered if that's basically what this is--dyeing the eye lashes. I was considering letting them do it ($25), which would likely be tons safer than my Miss Clairol at-home plan, but I wanted to find out if anyone else has done eye lash tinting. I have these horrible visions of blindness or getting semi-permanent raccoon eyes out of the deal. Any thoughts?
  12. Do not dye at home!!

    I had my lashes tinted before, and I have very light, sparse lashes. Definitely helped to bring them out a little more. The results are not very long lasting if you rub your eyes and wash your face a lot though.
  13. I'd be scared to do it, specially at home like you were going to do.I have pretty short lashes that are a medium thickness and would probably benefit from it but i'd be so scared they would mess up.
  14. oh my gosh. i think it's a bad idea to use hair dye on your lashes. get them done at a shop if you can.
  15. If you're going to do it yourself (which I REALLY don't recommend), they make special lash tinting kits. It's different than hair dye! Please do not use Miss Clairol near your eyes-- you could go blind!!! :s