Eyelash Tinting

  1. Has anyone tried it? And if so, is it worth it?

  2. DON'T DO IT. You don't know if you have allergies to the dyes they use (could you imagine the allergic reaction?!), could cause eyelashes to fall out, and in some cases, blindness (no kidding).
    I would just use a nice eyelash curler and some of the fantastic mascaras that have just come out this fall! Have you tried false eyelashes yet? Try those instead.
    Don't trust the salons who claim this is safe. It is very dangerous, and not worth it.
  3. It is illegal in my state! Someone had a horrible experience and now it is banned! I don't know what happened. I have had this done many times but not in the past 2 years. It fades really quickly. Kind of a waste.
  4. thanks for letting me know!
    gosh, that's terrible. :sad:
  5. The results aren't that fabulous anyway-they still are your lash thickness and length,just darker. Totally not worth it.
  6. Now, for more drama, eyelash extensions are the hot thing to do. They give the look of falsies (since they are) but they last a couple of months.
  7. wow. how much are the extensions?? how do they do it?? i heard lindsay lohan always get them.
  8. Holy cow! You can get blind from it? It's illegal? I've never even heard of it though. I'm making a mental note to stay away from that.
  9. ive had mine tinted... a few times it was fine it just makes them super balck,. and mine are natrually brown so it was a nice added effect
  10. I had mine done about a year and a half ago... I have thin lashes and they're blond on the tips so I wanted the blackness. I was a waste of $$ completely. They were blacker, but because the dye doesn't add any thickness - i still ended up putting on mascara!! Plus - after I did it - I heard about the fact that you can go blind if it's done improperly. SCARIOS! I would never do it again.

    Oh - and it only lasted about 2 weeks, when I was told it would last 4.

    Don't bother!!!!!!
  11. a little out of the topic but since it was mentioned, i'll explain. i had lash extensions .. it was nice when it was newly done... and how long it stays depends on you. i wear contact lenses and love rubbing and picking on my eyes so i kept picking on the individual lashes.. so it didnt stay for long. But if you don't have a habit of touching your face/eyes/etc... it should be fine. as long as you don't get it wet TOO much cuz the glue will become weakye. it takes around 30 minutes per eye..so an hour for both. you just lie there..and they'll sorta tape your eyes open..and you can kinda doze off. it doesn't hurt...they're just using glue to stick the fake lashes one by one to your real ones (so that it has a more "real" effect to it) -
  12. yeah, i heard about eyelash extensions but they are pretty pricey ($100 for the set, and they only last 3-6 weeks) and that's why i didn't want to get it done. i'd be afraid that i'd like it too much and would make it a routine to get it done every month or so which would set me back quite a bit. :sad: hahaha. eyelash tinting is only $20 (or less) so that was a more reasonable option for me. after hearing the horror stories, i'm not gonna get it done, but i may decide, down the line, to try out the extensions! i'll just wait til a special occasion, though. :smile:

    btw, thanks for all the info on your experience! do you regularly get them done or was it just a one time thing for you?

    thanks :smile:
  13. I've never heard of eyelash tinting, but I have been considering eyelash "perm". Have you guys heard of that one? The lady who does my eyebrows suggested it to me the other day and I thought she was kidding. She showed me the tiny rollers that she uses to curl the lashes too! Sounds like it could save me some time in the morning though!
  14. my aunt gets her's permed every now and then. they don't add to the thickness so you still need to apply mascara, but it does open up your eyes a bit more and save u the time of curling them every morning.
  15. Hi Girls and boys
    I use to get my eyelashes tinted all the time the reason being was i'm fair so instead of wearing mascara when i wasnt up to anything the eyelash tinting was good. However on tuesday pass i got my eyelashes tinted in a new salon and i took a very bad allergic reaction its soo bad that i have been put on steroid drops:sad: . I had a skin test 2 weeks before the treatment and i am very surprized that i didnt react to it because this is suppose to be an indication if il react to the dye or not:confused1: . my eyes are swollen , red , extremley itchy so itchy infact that i couldnt feel my eyelids burning:Push: . The skin on my upper eyelid is peeling off, I wouldnt have this treatment again if someone paid me and i think it should be banned i also read on the internet that a lady actually died from this and another lost her sight! I hope my bad luck stops girls from getting this done.:smile: