Eyelash Repair?

  1. I have very thin eyelashes and they keep falling out. Does anyone know a good eyelash repair that would help? And do you any products that would help eyelashes to grow longer? Thanks.
  2. i need help too!!!!
    my lashes are so short!!!!
    help us...
  3. In the past I would've recommended Revitalash but it just got pulled from the market. My secretary had amazing results with it and I was going to purchase it until I heard about the recall.

    I have liposils but haven't used it regularly and haven't seen any change what-so-ever.
  4. Revitalash does work. They are supposedly reformulating it. I bought two tubes from eBay so I'd have a supply to last me awhile. I've been using it for months without a problem, but that's just me and I can't recommend it to anyone else. Although from what I've read, there have been no reports of eye damage.
  5. I tried liposils too after I had eyelash extensions...
    I looked weird because my eyelashes fell off after LOL!
    Dont know if liposils worked or my eyelashes just naturally grew back...
    but I was desperate to try anything....
    so I would like to think it did work for maybe hasten the growth of my lashes.
  6. Castor oil.