Eyelash Primers??

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  1. Does anybody have a good recommendation for eyelash primers??

  2. i've used the smashbox eyelash primer and really like it. i have a problem w/ "raccoon eyes." the only mascara that doesn't give me raccoon eyes is lash injection, but i think it is to harsh for my lashes. the primer, w/ any mascara, prevents smudging and it's not nearly as hard as lash injection.
  3. Smashbox! I use it with any and every mascara! My favorite combo is Smashbox primer with DiorShow.
  4. i use shu uemera's lash repair as a lash primer. i really like it as i feel it's doing double-duty.

  5. Another vote for Smashbox! Urban Deacy has a dual wand primer/waterproofer that's pretty good, too.
  6. I am normally not a fan of Clinique but their Eyelash Primer seem to work well for me. I have "short Chinese eyelashes" and using the Primer before mascara gives my lashes a noticeable difference. I would love to try Shu uemera's but this brand is not available in Canada. =(
  7. holt renfew in vancouver carries shu uemura. not sure where in canada u live though.

  8. Really? Not fair! But thanks.... I live in Toronto. I don't think I've seen shu uemura at Toronto's Holt yet. :sad:
  9. they used to have a shu uemura counter but they got rid of it in 2002, i believe. i remember i bought my eyelash curler at the counter... in 2001!

    there's shu uemura at all the sephoras (bloor st, eaton centre, yorkdale, plus others...)
  10. Origins!! Underwear for Eyes is sooo AMAZING!! When you join their mailing list they send you a little certificate for like $5 off or something on your birthday, I always pick up an extra one. It gets covered really well with almost any mascara and you can't see the white in between your lashes. Love love love it!
  11. Bourjois Coup de Theatre mascara has it's own, the wand has a lengthening primer on one side and a great black mascara on the other. I love it 'cause it works well for me and it's two products in one!
  12. I use MAC prep+prime. Ehh, it's okay in my opinion. Yes, it does give me longer lashes, but you have to be really careful to comb out clumps before and after mascara or it can all start to look a little goopy.
  13. Don't have a rec, but I'm hesitant about using it. I once put the white primer stuff on, forgot to apply mascara and proceeded to get on the metro, go to the office with white eyelashes a good part of the day... nobody said a word to me :shrugs:
  14. Lmao!
  15. I've done it before too! Don't you just love people sometimes?