Eyelash perms versus extensions

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  1. For those who have had both, which do you prefer?

    As some of you may remember from my previous thread, I had an awful, costly experience with eyelash extensions. Within less than one week every last extension had fallen out, most within the first 2 days! I want to try again at a different salon because I hear such raves, but I'm thinking that I should go for a perm instead...

    I have short, straight, thick eyelashes that never hold a curl when I use an eyelash curler. Will a perm work well?

  2. Annie, have you tried using waterprrof mascara after curling?

    I figured out that was the trick to keep mine curled.
    If I curl mine then apply reg mascara they fall and straighten back out, but not if I use waterproof.
    I have wimpy eyelashes too :sad: and they're REALLY important to me {read: I'm obsessed}
  3. LOL As you can tell, I'm obsessed, too! Have you tried eyelash extensions? I'm like determined to make them work!

    I haven't tried waterproof mascara. I use regular, and once I put it on, the curl falls right out of my eyelashes... so annoying! And even if I curl after applying mascara, the curl falls out a little later.
  4. try waterproof!

    I use Lancome Bi-Facil and it slips right off!
  5. Thanks, Amanda, I'm gonna try that! Cheaper than extensions.
  6. :yes: and you can try it. . like tonight! LOL!
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