Eyelash Extentions


Oct 3, 2005
Along the same lines, I thought some of you might be intrested in the eyelash extention craze... i just did mine this weekend..
They look rreally great and were so easy.
Just thought I would let you all know about it!!!
How or where did you do it?? I'm not too aware of it, so tell me some details! Maybe I will want to do it too:embarasse
I'm glad you are interested, its amazing..
I went to a place in Boston. The price truly varies, however I spent 2 hours with a lovely woman who I think deserved the hefty price tag. I paided 200$ for the extensions.

I showed up and was ushered into a nice calming white room and and layed down on a waxing or massage bed. The girl who did it looked and my eyelashes and explained a little about how it works. Basically she used real human hair cut and shaped like an eyelash (J curl) and with tweezers applied one eyelash at a time with special glue. She applied one eyelash at a time to my lash line. Because my eyelashes are somewhat thick, she had to apply about 40 lashes to each eye. I wanted the length, so she added longer ones to the sides to get that flirt look. You can goggle it, because I have no pictures right now. However, i will get on that!

I have had them for about a week, they are great. I have showered and washed my face ext. You just have to be careful to not use oil biased products that will remove the glue faster than you would wish.
They will last about a month and a half, and then I can return for a touch up (20-30$) and i will be as good as new!!!
Let me know if you have anymore questions!!!!
Good luck ladies, I recommend it!
I have several friends that went into the Sephora store while we were on vacation in South Beach (I didn't make it due to the night before!) They bought MAC ones and had them applied there. Two of them loved them and the third took hers off immediately upon returning to the room before we went out. So if you get agitated easily (like I probably would) I guess they aren't a good thing for you. The two who kept them on, had them on for quite a looooong night on the town. So, I guess Mac's are pretty good then. They all got different styles/shapes and all looked good!
I had my lashes individually done about a week ago. I went to the Pierre Michel Beauty Salon on 57th Street in New York. http://www.pierremichelbeauty.com

It cost $100 to have them done. The girl who did the application, glued the hair on one by one to my lashes. She did a really great job because it feels as natural as my own lashes but except longer. I was told the lashes could last 1-3 months depending on how you take care of it.

My natural lashes are really short and I always had to use mascara to bring them out. With the lash extensions my eyes seem more mysterious and sexier. I just so love having them!!! and recommend it as well! If you guys are in New York check out the Pierre Michel Salon, their services are really up to par.
Humm... I'm seriously considering this. I'm not sure what Vlad would think though. Are they easy to take off if you need to in case they are irritating your eye?
Megs i think you had asked how to remove them if they are irritating you. without going back to the salon you can use any make up remover with an oil base. But once removed, it must be professionally replaced.
I actually had my individual eyelashes done two weeks ago at a salon in NYC- The Pierre Michel Salon on 57th street. I cannot believe how great the results are- i do not even need mascara in the daytime and they make my eyes stand out dramatically. The make-up artist, Monika, individually glued each eyelash to my natural lashes and the whole process did take about two hours and cost me $325 but the results were definitly worth it and they last for up to 3 months. They also had another option that only last about one month and costs $100. I would recommend anyone to have fake eyelashes applied at this salon, the outcome is great.