Eyelash extensions, how long should they take?

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  1. #1 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    Is anyone a regular of eyelash extensions or a stylist?

    I had my first set just before Xmas, the girl that did them was very young but experienced, so I had my reservations how she would make me look. I always wear eyeliner and mascara but being older I didn't want them to look false or overdone, I was hoping for a similar look to my normal but without the hassle,it sounded great to wake up with glamorous looking eyes and no smudging of liner or mascara throughout the day.

    The stylist listened to what I was trying to achieve and added volume without much extra length. I was over the moon with the results. It was just the look I wanted, no one actually commented or appeared to notice I'd had them done. They looked great all the time and I had I fills a couple of times as I wanted them to last for a holiday In February.

    I resisted having them done again until last week, as I though they'd be great for my summer sun holiday. I went to a different salon where I am a regular who did Lash perfect, the same brand I had before and once again had a patch test. I was disappointed from the first this time. The lashes were much longer making them look IMO false and not as thick. Longer lashes look fantastic on younger women but I didn't feel they were for me.

    To my horror a couple of days ago they started to feel very itchy and the lids have become very swollen. Even worse I've now come out in eye styes............this is not the glamorous holiday look I had been hoping for.

    My question is, do you think it was caused by bad hygiene from the Salon? I didn't have a problem at all the first time and I had refills without any trouble.

    My initial treatment took over 2 hours and she did one eye, then the other. This time it only took an hour and she did both eyes at the same time. That's a huge difference in time, how long should they take.
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    My advice, when u find stylist with whom you are happy with their work, stick with them.

    The length of time it takes depends on the experience of the atylist, and the type of work you're getting done.

    While you may have had a patch test, you still could have had some kind of allergic reaction to the products (glue, etc) or the lashes themselves. (Reread, and apparently same brand was used, but we're ALL the same products in the line used as last time))

    Also, regarding hygiene and sanitization, when you walk into a salon, look at the set up, when the stylists starts working on you, does she wash her hands (or a min use sanitization gel) to prevent cross contamination, what is the expiration of the glue, etc and also, how are they storing the products.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but just some things to look out for or think about.

    NOTE: If you go to this salon often, then I would express your concerns with either the stylist herself, or the salon owner. Maybe they will redo it, or reimburse you for the work that was done. If this was not a salon that you go too often I would tell you not to go to them again.
  3. Thanks for your reply Ladybug it was helpful.

    Both Salons are very established and I've been going to the one where the problems occurred for about ten years. I changed back as I had loads of points to use up and also my first stylist is leaving soon to have a baby so I knew I'd be changing. I'm a novice on lash extensions and must admit I was surprised two stylist could vary so much. She obviously didn't listen and I felt I was mutton dressed up as lamb :lol: also as she did both at the same time, I didn't get the opportunity to see what I thought.

    I will certainly be emailing the Salon today to ask for their advice and comments. I certainly won't want the redone when I get home. It's all the more scary happening when I'm away in a foreign country! I think I must have been treating them correctly as one eye seems to be settling down quite a bit. The other is still bad and gone very blood shot :shocked:

    I will also email Lash Perfect, I had no idea so many problems could occur. I am horrified with loads of the comments when googled. :tdown: Styes and eyelashes falling out seem quite common. I just hope my own grow again as there is quite a gap :sweatdrop: most of the references to them not growing back seem to be from people who have had them for sometime.
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