Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. Yes. The spa I go to has Silk, Mink and Sable. They don't offer synthetic lashes but I know some places do. I've had synthetic before and they were heavy. I would suggest NOT getting those.
  2. Oh perfect! Thank you
  3. I have, and love, lash extensions. I get a refill every two weeks faithfully and have been for about two years now. I have mink. There's synthetic, synthetic mink, and mink lashes. According to my lash tech mink lasts longer because the lashes themselves are thinner and can adhere better. I must say that I agree. I had synthetic before and I needed a refill every 10 days like clock work. Whereas with my mink I can go three weeks if I wanted to. Personally don't like waiting three weeks because they look a little too thin for me. However, I get TONS of compliments on them even when I need a fill.

    The cons:

    if you get them wet within 48 hours of refilling/initial application they will come off. I experienced this first hand and hand to get another full set within two days.

    It is an investment to keep up depending on where you go.

    You have to find the right person for you. It took me several tries to find the right person for me. Not that any of them did a bad job but I liken it to finding a hair stylist. The tech has to know how to work to enhance your eyes not just apply lashes ifykwim.

    I think they can thin out your natural lashes if removed improperly but I've not had that problem.

    My eyes always look like I have on mascara so I just add gloss and powder in the am and ready to go!

    Best one hour nap on the lash table every time lol

    Adds a little pop when I do wear makeup.

    Tons of compliments. Someone is always asking about my lashes. (Like are they mine. if not, where do I get them done, etc.) Always.

    No need to apply strip lashes anymore!!

    They look super natural. Not like the .99 strips you buy from the store. Although, I use to love Ardell lash strips but hated that I would risk getting them wet and losing them. Ugh!

    Good luck! I think you will love them!
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  4. I was faithfully getting lash extensions for quite a while. It was my little self care. They looked natural. I practically didn’t need to wear makeup. I frequently got compliments.

    And then...

    My natural lashes started falling out and breaking. I tried to work with my lash lady to see what we could do to prevent it. We switched to sensitive glue, which meant my lashes didn’t stay in as long. We switched to fewer and lighter weight lashes, which meant they didn’t have the desired look. Still my natural lashes suffered. I am currently growing out what remains of my extensions.

    I really enjoyed extensions, but beware what they can do to your natural lashes. I had good lashes to start. I now wish I had done a lash lift instead.
  5. I've also tried lash extensions one time and to be honest I was very disappointment. I mean - they had looked really good, but after some time they started falling out and my lashes looked horrible. That's why I will never do this again :P False lashes rock! ;)
  6. If you are a low maintenance type who doesn't like messing with makeup, then yes lash extensions are worth it. They save so much time while giving you an OOMPH. Please go for something more comfortable though, like mink or synthetic silk.
  7. I wouldn't call myself low maintenance but I had them for a while. The reason is simple: I wanted fuller lashes than I had been gifted with naturally. The extensions had looked lovely for a while and got compliments , but when they started to fall out with a tragic speed and I couldn't get an appointment with my lash lady in two weeks, I gave up. I looked awful. In the beginning I needed falsies because my lashes were ridiculous. After more than a month of using day and night serums, my lashes look slightly better than before having extensions. I'll never have extensions again.
  8. Dont these cause the eyes to darken? I have light brown eyes and always avoided eyelash serums for fear of a color change.
  9. No, they don't . My eye colour is as it used to be, so are my eyelashes after the damage done by the falsies.
  10. I used to apply lash extensions to other people in the spa when I was an esthetician. My opinion of them is that i prefer the regular falsies that you buy from Ulta or Sally Beauty. I also had the actual lash extensions (the ones that cost 75 dollars and up) applied to me in a spa and I liked the look of them at first but then after a week the lashes started falling out and looked terrible. Not really worth it imho.

    I frequently wear Ardell false lashes from Sally Beauty and they are not an inconvenience, they literally take me less than 5 minutes to apply perfectly every morning if I want to and they are much cheaper than spa lash extensions. Plus, I can take them off at night and my real lashes get a chance to breathe when I go to bed.
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  11. Latisse is a prostaglandin and has the potential for iris pigmentation, but since it is only applied to the lash line vs the eye the risk is minimal. Not to be confused with its big brother Lumigan, the exact same drug used as a glaucoma medication which has been documented to darken lighter colored eyes (most commonly hazel to brown, but blue and green can also be affected).

    I would steer clear of lash extensions. I'm an eye doctor and I have had patients come in with corneal abrasions from improper application techniques and reactions to the chemicals used regardless of the level of salon. Patients with lash extension also tend to be overly cautious washing the area around their eyes for fear of disrupting their investment and the result is bacteria collecting on their lids. Lash extensions in the microscope look disgusting (if you can stomach it, look up images of 'blepharitis').
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  12. My ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) approves of eyelash extensions for me because he kept telling me for years to stop wearing make up because it was clogging my meibomian ducts. He had recommended a procedure that is like a car wash to express the solidified meibomian oils that can cause dry eyes and cysts. I am an RN and I used to help and watch my grandfather who was also an opthalmologist, so I have an extensive medical background.

    Basically, I can go makeup free with my extensions and I no longer get cysts. I am very thoroughly cleanse my eyes and eyelashes twice a day with a recommended cleanser, which is probably more than I was doing prior to extensions. My extensions easily last three weeks and I could probably go four. If you care for them properly and don’t get them wet for two days after application, they can be safe and save a lot of time and energy in the long run. I just wake up and go.

  13. Did you get the gland expression your doctor recommended? Isn’t it oddly satisfying? That’s great that you use lid cleaners, it’s one of my favorite things to recommend. As a nurse, you’re not the average patient because of your background. But the reality is that most of my patients who come in with extensions are not properly cleaning them out of fear of them prematurely falling out. When I question them if they were instructed how to keep their lashes clean most of them tell me no (again, regardless of the level of salon).
  14. I'm using natural serums, so there's technically no risk. I wouldn't use any bimatoprost based product just to grow my eyelashes which BTW are back to their original state.
    Before I got my extensions I had asked my ophthalmomologist, whom I visit regularly :sad: , and she had given me green light to get them, but unfortunately they didn't work for me.
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  15. What natural serum are you using? Is it helping?
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