Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. Thought I'd add.......I think you're right, we get used to seeing ourselves with longer lashes and our natural lashes seem to be shorter as a result.....
  2. I'm thinking of starting Latisse while I still have these on and just letting the extensions fall out naturally.

    Has anyone else done this?
  3. I looked into it but am worried about the possibility of the Latisse changing my eye color......I have green eyes and apparently Latisse can change your eyes to brown?!?
  4. I think I am going to do it - I will post if I have any adverse effects - I love the long lashes but they are a PITA, they look like caterpillars when they are wet, I can't rub my eyes, I don't sleep on my side, etc etc etc.
  5. Yes please let me know how it goes! My dermatologist prescribes it but like I said I was a little worried about my eyes changing color. She said if your eyes are naturally brown, no worries at all! And I'm sure you need to get it in your eyes for anything to happen......my problem is, I *am* that clumsy to stick it straight in my eye.......
  6. I know this is old, but did you get any darkness underneath or around the eyes with the LiLash? It's a lot easier AFAIK to get LiLash here versus Latisse, so I'm curious - this is the first time I've heard LiLash mentioned apart from in Youtube videos.
  7. I've had a perfect experience with Latisse. No discoloration, didn't turn my blue eyes to brown.
    I also love eyelash extensions, but it's extremely important to get an experienced professional to do them. The first time I had them done, the assistant was using a fan to blow air across my lids and, I suppose, dry the glue faster. The result was drying my eyes so much, and I think, getting the glue fumes in my eyes. They hurt terribly and were awfully red. I found another technician. She did a beautiful job.
    They're expensive, but I wake up every morning with great lashes. False lashes take forever to apply, and have you ever had an end lift? Or used the little clusters you apply individually, and go to the ladies room to see there's one sticking out. Or (horrors!) one falls off onto your cheek! I'd rather do extensions any day than risk that kind of embarrassment.
  8. I've been seriously considering getting eyelash extensions, but I heard that if you use cleansing oils then they won't last as long b/c the cleansing oil will dissolve whatever it is that keeps them on your lashes.. is this true??
  9. Don't do it.
    I lost half my lashes with extensions
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368322591.027938.jpg I'm sorry that you ladies have had such bad experiences. I have been getting extensions for 2 years now, top and bottom lids and I absolutely can't live without them. I hardly wear any make up and don't need it wit the lashes. The only negative is the price of the refill every 3 weeks but they hardly ever look bad.
  11. Your lashes are beautiful
  12. I think if you find the right skilled person, eyelash extensions are wonderful.

    You get used to sleeping on your back, being careful when washing your face...

    I had them done for a period of time. I only stopped because of the cost of maintenance. They do look funny close to refill time. I was pacing my appointments out to 6 weeks.
  13. II got them done and hated it. I only kept them for a few days

  14. Love them on you, very nice,
  15. I hated it, I wanted to pull all my lashes out!