Eyelash extensions - are they worth it???

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Are getting eyelash extensions worth it?

  1. Yes, totally! Worth every penny!

  2. Nope, stick to falsies.

  3. Other - please say why!

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  1. Have you tried Latisse? It's $100/bottle, but one bottle lasts 2-3 months for me. As long as you paint it on your lash line, you avoid the iris pigmentation side effect. I like to drop 2 drops into the brush holder, then dip the brush into the liquid and paint it on my lash line. It works wonders after 6-8 weeks of using it. At this point, i don't even use it everyday (just 3x/week for maintenance) so my last bottle has lasted me 4 months
  2. I also agree that if you are curious, you should give it a try, to get it out of the system if that makes sense.

    I've been doing it for two years straight a few years back. It's expensive and needs regular visits for touch-up which I don't mind very much, cos I often just fell asleep in the process. It looks really nice after touch-up n boost my confidence, but it can look weird after 2-3 weeks.

    I think drawing eyeliner is fine but taking it off is tricky as you'll have to be real careful, cotton thread may get tangled up with the false lashes, and it's a PAIN to remove...

    But the worst thing is it weaken your natural lashes. Mine became sparse and short, because broken, afterwards! Now I'm using lumigan.
  3. The risk of iris pigmentation darkening is EXTREMELY low.
    I had good results with Latisse and I have good results with some OTC products too. My favorite is LiLash.
  4. I don't think it's worth it. You could get an eye infection. Or lose your eyelashes.
  5. I've had extensions before and it was costly since I had to constantly go back for touch-ups.
  6. I have had eyelash extensions and while you do not have to wear mascara, for me I found that they were a bit droopy. my natural eyelashes curl upwards and the extensions I had were more straight out. I still wore mascara (definitely less then before) but enough to curl my eyelashes back upwards.

    I didn't like how when I removed the extensions my natural eyelashes were crimpy looking- it look a week or so for my eyelashes to return to their normal texture and curl.
  7. Not worth it.

    I love the way they look - hate the way they feel. I had to get mine infilled every 2 weeks so it becomes very expensive. I kept this up for about 3/4 months and my natural lashes were ruined (I don't care what the lash technicians say, the extensions did leave my own lashes shorter and thinner...they've grown back but it took a good month or 2 for them to get back to normal).
  8. Agree with the other ladies. I initially got eyelash extensions for my wedding and had them refilled about four times. They did look great at the time, but since then, my lashes are much shorter and sparse. The person who did the lashes said that wouldn't happen, but if I would have known how my lashes looked like now, I wouldn't have gotten them in the first place.
  9. Wow, thank you everyone for your feedback!! I ended up getting them done yesterday because it just so happened a Groupon for a place near my home (that was highly recommended by Daily Candy) popped up and I bought it at a good price.

    The process was pretty uncomfortable. My lashes look great (I have short, very thin and sparse lashes to begin with) but now my left eye is irritated, red, and a bit sore. The irritation is on my lower left eye - I have a feeling it was due to the lower lash guard that was put over my eye and not an allergic reaction since there is no irritation in my right eye.

    Despite this, I am happy with my lashes, but am now worried about sparse lashes. I am also hoping the redness and pain goes away by tomorrow. if not, I may need to see a doctor/opthamologist. :wondering

    Thank you vhdos - I will need to try LiLash!!

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  10. ^^^pretty!!
  11. The redness and irritation has gone down finally. It's still there, but instead of being red, it is pink. I looked like I had an eye infection but now I just look like I didn't sleep as well lol. Now I can finally enjoy my extensions!!

    Thank you! :biggrin:
  12. Kohl, I was wondering: how's it going with the eyelash extensions?
  13. Am I the only one who loves my lash extensions?
    I've had them since December and I've gone for 3 refills at $50 each refill. I take good care of my lashes and I get refills once a month. The first time I got lash extensions they were free since they were opening up a new location in Houston from their previous location. Normally I wouldn't pay over $200 but I decided to try them and I loved them. I go to a place that only does lash extensions, nothing else at their business and my lashes never because weak or brittle. If you try this, do your research! Don't go to a place where they cut your natural lashes to put on extensions I've read the horror stories.
  14. I'm reviving this thread - I just got lash extensions a week ago and for 5 days the lower whites of my eyes were red/blood shot/and irritated. I was told it was from the glue fumes, but it was horrid!
    I do love how long they look and have a fill appt next week, but am concerned about continuing to upkeep them after reading this thread.

    I wonder if we just think our lashes are shorter because we get used to seeing ourselves with the extensions?

    Has anyone continued to wear them, or have any new stories regarding them?
  15. I just had mine redone. First time I had them done at a nail salon.......it was uncomfortable and they didn't last but I did like the look of longer lashes. So this time I went to a lash lounge, paid less money, and LOVE the results!! I even fell asleep during the application!! These extensions are very natural looking compared to my first set. Will get them filled in two weeks.