Eyelash Extensions: anyone done it?

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  1. http://www.closettherapyblog.com/blog/eyelash_extensions/index.html

    Individual eyelashes are glued onto your existing eyelashes. You can choose how full or long you want them, and as your natural eyelashes fall out, the extension attached falls out also. They last up to two months.

    I would love to have a set of falsies that could last up to 2 months! The cost puts me off, however. I found a nearby salon that will do it for $100, which surprises me considering it's a nice salon and everyone else is charging around $250. Maybe their pricing list online was outdated.
  2. Yup! I did them over Christmas last year in Hong Kong. It only cost me HK$300 which is about US$38.00. I guess these things are a lot cheaper over there!

    Mine stayed put from the end of December to the end of Feb. Obviously, some of them fell off but most of them stayed and lasted until my grad photos.

    I really liked them and will get them again this summer. Some girls in Hong Kong do them every 3 weeks so that they always have a full set of super long lashes. You can either choose thinner ones (look more natural) or thicker ones that have two to three lashes attached in a bunch. I'd opt for the more natural ones.

    Oh, I should add that you can't wear mascara and should avoid using the eyelash curler when you have them. I just used shadow and a bit of liner and would gently use a makeup wipe to that whatever makeup I had above my lashline off at night. They were great since I looked 'awake' even when I wasn't and had no makeup on. :biggrin:

    Sorry about the super long story! :amuse:
  3. whoa! I didn't know there was such a thing.
    I am lucky to have centimeter long, black eyelashes, so I don't really need it. But I think that must be awesome for blonde girls.
  4. I have it done... I get it pretty much done every 3 weeks....sometimes it hurts your eyes ...if the person doesn't know how to do it...the glue bunches up and it could end up really hurting your eye lids and making it sore...also if they do it wrong one eyelash can point up and the other ones can point down~
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  5. I had it done and only kept it on for 2 days. It was so hard to really clean my eye make up out. It itched my eyes and I didn't really like it. It kinda mae my eye lashes look kinda scarry. I rather stick with false strip lashes for special events....or just stick with my shiseido curler and estee lauder mascara which works REALLY GOOD!! ;)
  6. sounds cool. i would like to try it!
  7. Intlset - If you do get it done, definitely let me know how it goes! After hearing about everyone else's experience, I wonder if it'll hurt now! I imagined that it wouldn't at all!
  8. I have Jinny Lashes put in every 2-3 weeks in the summer when I can't be bothered to put on mascara. It looks great!
  9. i never got extensions however i did get my eyelashed permed and tinted and i have to say it was brilliant. The perming looked great. im blessed with really long eyelashes so with the perm i constantly had an awake and happy look.. haha im usually quite tired and look it too!
  10. I have a friend who gets it done for special occassions and loves it. My eyelashes are so long they leave mascara marks on the tops of my eyelids/brow area.
  11. How do you get them "permed"?? Where did you go? I would love to get that done! Does it look exactly like curling them?? How long does it last?
  12. sounds cool, I would love to try it someday.I've been cursed with short eyelashes.
  13. I got them permed in australia- can reccomend a good place if your in the sydeny western suburbs area. what they do is they have a tiny rod ( what i would imagine they do for hair i guess) and they curl it around your eyelashes.. leave it there for about 10mins.. then add the tint (blue black is best) and then voila permenatly curled eyeshlashes... however it only last about 2months. AND when you first get it done u wil look like a drag queen till they relax a bit ( just as a warning so you dont go oh mygod!!) ill try to find pics of before and after and show you
  14. I will be in sydney in late November- how long does it take to get out to this salon from central Sydney- can I take a taxi?? What is the name of the place?? Can you let me know?
  15. hiyas. Eire you can get it done in most beauty salons in sydnet. i think its pretty popular there. the place i got to is owned by my cousin.. and its like 45mins from the city so unless you are in that area its not worth it go all the way there.. ( have to be honest to fellow PFer) but loads of places in sydney do it. ill try to find out where and giv eu some places :smile: