Eyelash extension-istas....admit you wear goggles to shower!

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  1. Hi All,
    I finally took the plunge and got eyelash extensions!
    I love and adore them. I feel like a rockstar every morning and can get out of the house quicker than my husband and boys.
    However, I'm terrified of getting them wet in the shower so I've started wearing goggles. Then I worried I wasn't cleansing them enough (because I wasn't ever getting them wet).
    So now I don't know what to do.
    How often do you cleanse/get wet your eyelash extensions????
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  2. I NEVER put my face under the shower head... They will get slightly wet here and there in the shower. I also wash my face around the eyes carefully so that water doesn't touch them. How I clean my lashes is I use makeup remover with a qtip around the eyelashes and also with water with a qtip. I then use a dry mascara brush to brush out the lashes with some water also. I'm able to keep my lashes for around 7-8 weeks by doing this :smile:
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  3. I don't wear them, I can't take anymore maintenance and all I do now is nails and highlight hair lol

    But if you can't really get them wet, how do you wash off hard to remove eye makeup?
  4. You can get them wet, they are subject to fall off more quickly. I (luckily) don't wear any eye make up when I have extensions, but if I did I would for sure wash them like you would regularly
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  5. I used to get them done. They can get wet and should last about 2 weeks at which point you need a refill (approx. 40% of lashes should still be there). Also, the assumption is that you don't need to wear eye makeup with extensions - I never did.
  6. I'm bad and clean with DHC cleansing oil when I shower and micellar water or Neutrogena makeup remover before bed if I don't shower at night. Never had a problem - my extensions still last 3-4 weeks but I get them filled every 2-3 weeks. I wear my normal eye makeup most days but skip mascara.
  7. I wash my lashes every day, I have allergies so I always have eye buggers. I just use a gentle face cleaner on them. I get fills once a month. At the two week mark not enough is gone 3 weeks would probablybe the sweet spot for me. But I get them done at my nail salon (one of the girls dose lashes, make up, waxing/threading) so I like to keep my appointments with my nail appointments to minimize my trips there lol. I'd avoid oils around the eyes it can help weaken the bond of the glue. Don't be afraid to get them wet. Also from trial and error I wouldn't use cotton rounds on your lashes. I used them a few times to help wash off sunscreen(zinc oxide) and I had fuzzies in my lash line from them. Getting the fuzzies out was a PITA.
  8. I just recently got extensions and love the idea of wearing goggles!

    Efleon, did you continue with them? I am on my second week and debating about making an apt for a refill next week.
  9. LOL...I wear goggles in the shower. I bought myself a pair of hot pink ones.

    I avoid running water but I clean them every day when I wash my face. I use a foaming cleanser made specifically for lash extensions and then blow dry on the cool setting. I also brush them twice a day with an eyelash spoolie and use a sealant on them every couple of days.

    Water isn't the enemy when you have lash extensions...it's oil as it will loosen the bond of the glue. Any eye makeup or product you use on or around your eyes should be oil-free.
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  10. Thank you for your response! I thought brushing them would loosen them and try not to do it unless they are not in the right place. I will start brushing them w the spoolie.

    Can you share which cleanser and sealant you use on them? The tech said the same thing about water and oil! She also said don't get them wet for the first 24 hours.

    Thank you!
  11. I was able to get mine wet right away since my technician used a sealant on my lashes when she finished.

    After the initial 24 hours, don't be afraid to get them wet. Proper care and cleansing of your lashes will actually make them last longer.

    I use the following products on my lashes but you can purchase elsewhere on the net...just google "lash extension shampoo" and "lash extension sealant"
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    As far as I know, you should wet them at least once a day, just splash some amount of water on your face and then just put a paper towel under the lashes, the towel will absorb all the water from them and you'll have much less possibility to have any infection in your eyes. I'm doing this procedure twice a day (morning and evening) and don't worry that you'll loose them earlier, cuz u won't. Plus, don't worry if u accidentally wet them while taking a shower, can dry them in the same way.
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  13. I get mine wet in the shower, but don't scrub them or use product on them (I don't wear eyeshaddow or liner so I don't have anything 'tough' to get off!). I just pat once or twice with a towel afterwards.
    However I do also have the luxury of being able to top mine up myself as I do my own.
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  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. When I got extensions, I used a qtip to clean the lashes and comb it out with a dry and clean mascara brush. Mine lasted me well over 2 months!