Eyelash Curling

  1. Anyone have any info on it or gotten it done? Would you reccomend it? I'm tired of curling them with an eyelash curler! lol I have very long eyelashes. Lemmie know what you all think.!
  2. I've had mine done, but I wish the effects lasted longer. Depending on your hair - er, eyelash - type, the curl might last anywhere between one and a half months to three months.
  3. I heard this helps, but then in the long run it might damage ur lashes?
  4. oh really...wow i thought it lasted a lot longer...like 6 months..well darn!
  5. I dont bother..I actually heat up my lash curler a tad with a hairdryer..My lashes stay great all day!
  6. That's what I do! I have a plastic curler and also heat it up with the blow dryer. I read about it in a fashion or beauty mag and it works for me! I notice a big difference. I have to get the curler right at the base and sometimes I repeat it and they stay up more. Then I put on my mascara pretty much right after.
  7. LOL...I read about it in a mag too..I just have to be careful..more than once I nearly burnt my eyes..lololol
  8. lol i am less ashamed finding out other gurls out there are silly like me :yahoo:
    i almost pulled out my eyelashes (AHHH!!) while i was curling them bcuz i jerked them away when i heated the curler too much! haha!!

    i also purchased this Talika eyelash curler from sephora (i was tired of manually heating my curler with my hair dryer... lol!!) $40 bucks or so and looked real nice. but when i received it, it looked pretty much like a plastic toy! guesssssss what?? the darned thing didn't even turn on! :rolleyes:
    just the catch of online shopping, i guess!
  9. I have eyelash extensions that I just LOVE! They last for an average of 3 weeks between touch-ups and look fabulous!! I have naturally blonde lashes and brows so I die my brows and get my extensions on my lashes and I hardly ever need to wear make-up during the day--just lip gloss and go!! So easy and I just love the look of the dramatic eyelashes with very little other make-up. ;)
  10. My roommate and her sister had it done! It was "permed." Honestly, it looked fantastic! She has short sparse lashes that have no curl whatsoever, they almost point downwards naturally (mine do too) but afterwards, it look great!!! She did say the first few days she thought it was WAY too curled but that it did die down to a perfect curl afterwards. It looked natural and did wonders for making her eyes look more beautiful!
  11. Forgot to mention she got a done for $30-$40 and after I saw them I was dying to get them done!! I makes such a huge difference. And with curled lashes, not much makeup is needed to look spectacular! But personally, I've been too scared to get it done as its really really too close to my eye for comfort and chemicals.
  12. ^Id be too scared to have it done too..LMAO!
  13. ^ Me too. I use the regular lash curler.
  14. Does everyone try to curl their lashes BEFORE you put on mascara or after? I always did it after LOL i think i might be doing it wrong!!! haha
  15. I've seen heated eyelash curlers, but I'm way too scared to try them! Has anyone tried one?