Eyelash curler - Shu Uemura vs. Shiseido


Which eyelash curler do you like better?

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    Shu Uemura

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  1. Hi gals,
    I've been using a Shiseido curler for a while now but recently got a Shu Uemura as a gift. I've heard rave reviews about the Shu and am wondering which do y'all prefer better? They both look the same but I think the angle of the clamp on the Shu is a bit deeper, which probably makes it easier to use. Your thoughts? :idea:
  2. shu uemura pretty much owns me :biggrin: i lovvvve their curler! i always get a perfect curl!
  3. I have both since they're supposed to be better for Asian shaped eyes and tbh I don't really see a difference in them.
  4. ^what rileygirl said. but i voted for Shu Uemura just because it's the first eyelash curler i bought that i was happy with.
  5. I vote Shu Uemura too. I love it!
  6. I think it depends on your eye shape. The shisedo is a bit less curved, and longer, thus fitting better to my lashes. The shu is too deep of a curve, and a tad bit shorter...I can't get a good curl from it. But my best friend swears by the shu, and hates my shisedo curler. as I said, it depends on your needs. hope that helps!
  7. Shu!
  8. I use Shiseido but I really want to try Shu Uemura
  9. i have both... i think they're both excellent eyelash curlers, but i prefer Shiseido
  10. I started with Shiseido and had (haha, "had") to buy a second one for when I stay with my boyfriend, so I bought the Shu Uemura one since I hear great things about both. I have asian eyes, but I'm mixed with a lot of things (including Spanish), so I'd say my eye shape is in between asian and caucasian... I think the Shiseido one would be better for those with a more defined double lid, and the Shu is great for people with single-eyelid/very short eyelashes. I love both!!
  11. shu eumura all the way
  12. I started off with the Shiseido one too (it was easier to get and supposedly the same company owns both lines) and it was fine but I found that I had to run hot water on it to get a good curl. I finally got the Shu one a few months ago and although the angle is a bit deeper and it's a bit more tricky to clamp all my lashes into it at once, the curl is nicer and I don't have to run it under hot water. Now I'm interested in trying the Kevyn Aucoin one because he supposedly trained Shu Uemura about how to make eyelash curlers.
  13. Shiseido.
  14. I have used both and don't have a preference. They both work equally as well for me
  15. Right on, Kevyn Aucoin is the best. I love his eyelash curler. I've tried both shu and this, i actually like this more. :tup: