eyelash and eyebrow

  1. how can I have my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed???
  2. go to a salon, don't attempt to do it yourself!
  3. Yes you can have them tinted, it doesnt take long and it lasts for about a month, most salons offer this service :smile:
  4. My stylist dyes my eyebrows at a salon.She does it whenever i dye my hair.:smile:
  5. I put some of the dye on my eyebrows when I'm getting my hair coloured. About the lashes, I would definitely recommend going to a professional. You don't want to risk harming your eyes!
  6. Mine too!
  7. so what happens when your brows are growing back?
    do you have to get them retinted? and if so how often?
  8. yes you have to keep getting them done. you actually get "roots". I did it once, but I won't do it again.