Eye'ing up the next bag..

  1. Can you give me some imput...

    [​IMG] Wish this aval in the Damier .... :crybaby:

    [​IMG] MM,
    i'm wondering this size between the MM and Lockit H?

    [​IMG][​IMG] Need to know how much this will hold
  2. BH the price is good
  3. I choose the Saleya MM. I think the BH is too common and the damier is more versatile than the bedford (but it's still really hot!).
  4. first of all, already?!?!:nuts:
    ok, what about waiting for the 4/1 launch of the hampstead--like the BH in Damier. I think this would be good for two reasons---you just got the lockit which is mono, so make the next bag damier, and also, gives you time to enjoy the lockit until 4/1.....:wlae:
  5. I think the LH is much larger than the Saleya MM...? I may be wrong, but I think the LH is 17" and I don't think the Saleya MM is that wide...the GM though is probably about the same size as LH.
  6. ^^ oh this isnt going to be a now purchase :smile:
    at this point i'm going though the Whats in your bag thread and i'm sure the bedford is off my list because its going to be too stiff. So that will be replaced with the Roxbury..
  7. thanks they are out on elux so i can check .. :sad:
    smaller is ok but i want to go over my shoulder.
  8. gotcha. great thread to review...love it.
  9. bh
  10. I like the Salelya! TDF!!! I think BV looks like your LH (but LH is better ;) )
  11. Oooooooooooooooooooo the choices ..:shrugs:
  12. DAMN! you're right, the GM is the size of the lockit h.
    the gm is 18.1" L x 12.9" H x 9.4" W the lockit H is 17.3" x 12.2" x 5.1"
  13. BH! I love my BH! It can hold quite alot. The size is perfect and the straps sits perfectly on my shoulders.
  14. BH it's such a nice every day bag!
  15. Well, I got the Sayela PM and love it. It fits everything so well and has room for more! Plus I love going out in the rain or snow and I don't have to worry about the *dang* handles! It's so chic looking too I think.

    I vote for the Sayela! (unless you already have damier?)