eyeing a famiglia gioco.

  1. So I'm eyeing a Famiglia gioco right now. I originally thought this print was only cute on the zucca but I couldn't find a single one on e-bay with the placement I liked. Also, I didn't want to pay so much for a print I just like and not love. I found a gioco that has almost all of my favorites on the front, under the zipper... I'm debating now! If I get it, I'd have to get a matching denaro... I hardly use any of my tokidoki bags as is because I don't take my bags to work and it's not like I go out a lot on weekends!! Of course the bf is like, "If you like it, buy it." And when I told him I barely use the ones I have, he related it to art and how people don't use it. *lol* He's no help.

    For those of you who have a Famiglia gioco, do you like it? I have a Paradiso gioco, so I'm not worried about the syle...

    I guess I'm just internally struggling with myself. Haha. I don't need any more bags but they're just friggin' cute.
  2. if it's the right price... then go for it!
  3. LOL @ "He's no help." :lol: You cant find one that you love LOVE?? I personally wont get a bag that I only "like" and not love.. especially if I'm not going to use it. I say that but hey, I have bags that I dont use too! hahaha but eventually you'll use them and love them right?? :graucho: If there's one for a good price, why not? :p haha I'm no help either :sweatdrop:
  4. I don't think I'll ever find anything Famiglia that I "love LOVE"... but the gioco is pretty damn cute with majority of my favorite characters on the front!! I dunno... I guess it's something I just have to think about. Maybe once I get around to selling my Foresta bella because I never, ever, ever use that tiny thing!!
  5. Haha! I know what you mean about your BF being no help. :yes: My girlfriend was over this afternoon with her Tan PG Bambinone. When DH saw it, he pointed it out and immediately asked me if I had that print already. I said nope!! He found the print really "cool" and asked if I could still buy one! I said it's very, very hard to find now! :nogood:

    I actually like the Famiglia print on the gioco more than the zucca for some reason. So yeah, if the price is right!! :graucho:
  6. Maya, I don't know if it will help, but I'm one of those freaks who looooove Famiglia. And the more I look at it, the more I love it (I have a MM). It's also the bag I've gotten the most compliments on from strangers.

    It's so cute, but it doesn't scream at you, kwim?

    Oh, and it kept my mom occupied for quite some time studying each character on it last week when she was in the hospital and bored out of her poor skull. :smile:


    P.S. Hope you feel better...what's Hawaii's equivalent to chicken soup??
  7. Once you buy it I'm sure you'll fall in :heart: with it. At least that's what happened to me. We picked up a Famiglia Zucca at Nordies when it first came out. My BF said, "Let's get it just in case you decide you want it and we can't find it later." :love: So of course the more I stared at it :shocked:the more I fell in :heart: with it. :rolleyes: Mine's not my perfect print placement either, I wanted the ipod girls on the front but couldn't get them :sad: really couldn't get them anywhere on a zucca...so I've only got one on the bottom. I can't complain though, I was able to get my bag for $127.
  8. Thanks... I hope I feel better soon too! Or it'll be a whole week of me being sick! Our equivalent to chicken soup? Hehehe. Um, chicken soup. :p

    JenY: Oh, if I could get a zucca for $127 I would DEFINITELY snatch it up instead of a gioco.

    I guess I'm still on the fence for this one... I like it but don't need it. My rational and reasonable side is trying to take over my "I want it" side. I just know I want the bag as discounted as possible because I need a denaro with it...
  9. maya, i bought my sis a famiglia gioco for her birthday and it looks FREAKIN' AWESOME when she carries it. Much better than i ever imagined! the gioco looks great w/ the famiglia print and brown straps. It looks fun without being "too cartoony" She usually carries LV and Coach etc... so it's much more lightweight and similar color scheme w/ the tan/brown etc... AND you can get a denaro for cheap if you nab it up now versus later :smile:
  10. moofia: I think that's another thing... I have a whoooooooole bunch of Coach bags. Famiglia is subdued and neutral and I figure if I wanna carry something like that I should just use my Coach bags! You know, I bought the denim Carly when it came out and I've used it ONCE since I've had it... How sad is that? And all my other Coach bags are stored under my bed, along with all my tokidoki because I barely use them!! :sad: This is definitely an unnecessary purchase if I do it... *lol*
  11. Maya - Those kids are always getting you sick! :rolleyes: I hope you're better soon too!! You should rest up :beach: That was the best smiley I could find for resting!

    I had the same exact feeling you had about this print. I kept telling myself I didn't NEED it and I knew I wanted Tutti and Vacanze, I haven't even used my L'Amore yet so I kept saying how many bags can I actually use. Don't need it, don't need it, Don't need it but then I caved. It doesn't help that my BF is like yours and told me "It's really cute and I WANT you to have it!" :love:

    I'm trying to think where you can get it on sale. I had to go to 4 stores to finally get the sale which was pretty annoying. Maybe you can find a good price on the evil eBay since a lot of people aren't getting this print :confused1:
  12. JenY: Yeah, the kids are a bunch of walking germballs... *lol* No matter how many times you remind them to cover their mouth with their elbow when they cough or sneeze, there's those that just can't remember. It really sucks... The worst part is having such a sore throat... I think that is one of the worst parts of being sick because you can function with a sore throat, but it just annoys you and ruins your mood for the duration!! Oh, you must have gotten your zucca during that 25% then 15% off thing from Macy's or whatever right?? *lol* Man, if only our dept. stores sold them here... My bf is never any help... He actually likes this print better than some others because he said it's symmetrical. *lol* Damn artists and their symmetry!! Well, I've got a little more time to think about it... The last time I was watching a Pirata zucca on e-bay, and I loooooooooved the placement and really want a Pirata zucca, I let the auction end without bidding on it. I just couldn't justify spending the money. So we'll see what happens this time around. *lol*
  13. Maya - I totally hear you. I cannot stand having a sore throat it kills me! :cursing: I hope you're better soon. There's nothing worse than being sick and feeling yucky. My BF is the same with the symmetry and he's a designer! :rolleyes: He likes this print for the same reason your BF does! Good luck on your hunt, IMO you won't be sorry if you do pick up this print.

    Just for laughs I have to tell you I've been using my Coach purse all summer! :nuts: I bought it like 2 or 3 summers ago spent a ton of $$ on it and never used it so I figured it's time. It's one of those bigger Coach bags I think it was called Grafitti...it's like a white signature but it's irridescent...hard to explain. It weighs a ton and I'm stocking up on Toki but using Coach! It's a sickness!
  14. Hahaha. Aw, I feel even more guilty now... I think I need to bust out denim Carly for a day sometime soon!!

    I have so many Coach and tokidoki bags that I've run out of room under my bed. So the denim Carly is in the dust bag out here in the living room... If I got any more bags, I just don't know where to store them!!
  15. I've got the same problem. All my Coach purses are in NY except for the one I just brought back to CA and all my Tokis are jammed in my closet...I've actually run out of room so I've got my Tutti Zucca in the living room and my Famiglia & Spiaggia Zuccas sitting on a chair in the bedroom. I definitely can't fit another bag in this apartment :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: