Eyecream for very sensitive eyes?

  1. I have tried vicky oliglio and it staind and i tried kiehl's avocado cream wich i really love but my eyelids get very itchy. I would like to try the abyssine cream, is there anybody that can advise me a good eye creaml. I have oily skin but my eyes tend to be quite dry
  2. My mom has very sensitive skin, and Jurlique works great for her. Maybe u can give that a try.
    Here is the link:http://www.jurlique.com/
  3. La Mer eyebalm works for me, but always ask for a sample first because you never know.
  4. I have a sensitive skin too. and im using Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream for 5yrs. now. and so far, no problem. But do try to consult a Dermatologist since you've already had previous allergic reactions.
  5. I had a BAD reaction to LA MER.....
    I use CHANEL rectifiance eye cream..LOVES it...
  6. I use eucerin calming cream on my itchy eyelids and underlids :yes:
  7. I use the Chanel under eye cream and it makes my eyes water.. I need something for sensitive eyes too I think.
  8. chanel sublimage - best eyecream ever!
  9. I have super sensitive eyes and i wear contacts - Ive been using Clarins and so far have not had any reaction to it.
  10. I just bought Green Tea and Honey eye cream by Jo Malone two weeks ago and love it. If you have a dept. store near you that sells her products I am sure you can get a sample of this. I like it better than the LaMer eye cream I used to use.
  11. eucerin coq10 sensitive anti-wrinkle cream is very gentle, as is avene eye cream. i've had no problems with avon clinical eye lift, and my eyes are sensitive and get itchy easily.
  12. Maybe the Vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop?
  13. Another vote for Chanel Retifiance! My whole face is sensitive, and this line has been the only to work with no ill effects.
  14. ITA! I love this, my eyes can get dry/flakey but the rest of my face is oily. I used to use La Prarie, but it made my undereye area sting and get red. La Mer eye balm rocks.
  15. eucerin or cetaphil. not necessarily eyecream but lotion and it works very well and recommended on sensitive skin.