1. I used to tweeze my eyebrows (like 3-4 years ago?), but then I got lazy and all that :sweatdrop: - so now it's back to it's natural state, all crazy and bushy.

    so any tips on what should i do? i mean, waxing? threading? tweezing?

    and any recommended place that does a good eyebrow shaping?

    thanks ladies! :flowers:
  2. I get mine threaded and sometimes tweeze to maintain the shape between threadings although the place I go to is sooo cheap ($5) i usually go every two weeks and let them take care of it...i like threading better than waxing...i find it painless...make sure you find a good place that takes your face shape into consideration when shaping your brows... great brows can make such a difference :smile:
  3. regarding finding a good place to take my face shape into consideration, i don't know where to go really.

    any ladies who are in the glendale area?
  4. can i go to like sephora and can they do my eyebrows??
  5. ooh no i dont think u can go there..dont quote me though b/c im not 100 percent sure...hmm but i recommend wax...i did thread for years and realized that they were messing up far too much...and i went to differnt girls...so i finally decided to switch to wax...compared to the thread ..i find it no where near as painful...threading always made my eyes watery..lol and wax is pretty cheap..i get them done for 7 bux!
  6. oh that is cheap!

    but i dont know where to go.. :s
  7. find a reputable spa/salon in your area. maybe get a referral from your hair dresser or someone else in the beauty industry. i get mine waxed by someone who was trained by anastasia (she's been on oprah, the brow lady to the stars) and the results are amazing. it's expensive, but worth every penny.
  8. Definitely go to a reputable place!!! I have heard horror stories...I have been letting my eyebrows grow b/c I tweezed too thin, I know, I know...and my SIL had me grow them out and took me to the Elizabeth Arden Spa to have them waxed!

    Now they are...uuummm...almost perfect! But the girl was amazing!!!
  9. I wax mines every month at the same salon. I love going to her because they know what I like and have been going there for the past 6 years. I only tweeze when its starting to grow throught the month.
  10. I haven't tried it yet but Nordstrom has Anastasia trained technicians, you might want to try the one in Topanga.
  11. I already had my eyebrows waxed. And I like it - although not used to thin brows anymore. :lol:
  12. When I was in California I used to get them waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar at Macys.....can't remember how much...but its totally worth it. Now I go to a local spa.
  13. oh i've seen that the last i was in the mall - that there was a benefit counter at macy's in glendale galleria. just wasn't sure if it was a benefit brow bar.. i've never seen it before..

    i went to my mom's friend's salon - and she charges 10bucks. not bad. imo.
  14. Benefit is good, I have used them. Many nail salons do it too. If you can find a good person, keep going back...like mee4 said, once you keep going to someone they get to know what you like.
    I don't like mine thin at all, just cleaned up, and shaped. I used to have to say, not too thin...not too thin....now the gal, says....I know, I know...not too thin! LOL
  15. i guess she have to make it thin to have a shape. because my eyebrows were (used to be) all over the place! :lol: