1. Ok, in a week or so, im dyeing my hair drastically. My hair is naturally dark DARK black, and im bleaching it blonde, then dyeing the top part of my hair brown. So, what should I do about my eyebrows? Should I leave it dark black? with brown and blonde hair? Or should I dye it brown to match? If I do I would have to bleach it blonde then dye it brown, will my brows fall off (knock on wood)? OR Is there some kind of brow stuff that would turn my black brows, brown? Help me pleaaaase! I dont want to walk around looking dumber than I already look. :blink:
  2. I would leave them dark. but if you decide to do something to them, have it done professionally. you can get stuff in your eyes and that would be bad.
  3. I'd get them professionally bleached personally - I much prefer not necessarily matching brows to hair, but blonde to black is a big difference so some lightening would make the whole effect much nicer.
  4. I think you should get them professionally done. It's dangerous to bleach it yourself since it's so close to your eyes. Also, you wouldn't have to bleach it, then dye it. You just bleach it and set it to a certain amount of time so that it doesn't get too light.
  5. Im getting it all professionally done. I would dye (;)) if I did it all by myself. Is there a different bleach they would use for the brows?
  6. I would recommend that you don't bleach your eyebrows. It's better to keep your natural eyebrows to balance the rest of the features on your face. Also, bleach is a powerful chemical and you could run the risk of losing some of your eyebrow hairs in the long-run.
  7. Hmm, after thinking about it, I dont want to bleach them.. im scared I might go browless!

    Is there any good make up tricks to help them turn brownishh?
  8. i have brown hair naturally...i actually don't remember exactly what shade though it's been so long since i've been dye free...but it's on the darkish side. no mater what color i go, i leave them alone. brows grow really quickly so you'll always have weird roots, the chemicals are scary near your eyes, and i personally think dark brows balance your face better...blondes usually fill their brows in with dark pencil! :smile:

    good luck!
  9. Buy a tinted eyebrow gel. I use the blond one by Anastasia. Got it at Sephora, it's around $20.
  10. for eyebrows, I used just regular hair dye (revlon), you can use the colorsilk line.. i forgot the shade but it's ash blonde (it's just for a lift) .. and put it over my brows, same way how you tint your hair. It doesn't make your brows platinum, but it lifts the color enough to match it (i think more like a caramel color). Back in the day, I got my hair done professionally blonde, and did the brows myself.
  11. I'm asian with naturally dark hair/brows and have been successfully lightening my brows with Jolene creme bleach for years now. The trick is to check the progress frequently - it says leave on for 15 minutes, but check every 3 minutes or so remembering that when dry, color will be lighter than with the bleach on. By just going a few shades lighter - black to medium dark brown- it makes a huge difference in your face. Also if by accident you do go too light (into that not very attractive orangey-shade) it's very easy to use brow powder to fill in and darken brows to a more natural looking shade.

    Hope that helps!
  12. in most cases your stylist can do them for you! mine does mine after my hair. its best to go a few shades darker than your hair colour if you're going blonde.
  13. If you're getting your hair done at a salon, then they should be able to lighten your eyebrows for you. I've had my hair dyed many times and sometimes, I got my brows tinted and at other times I just let them be. It didn't feel like neither was better than the other. I think they will use a weaker peroxide solution on your brows than your hair. To lighten dark hair to blonde takes a really strong concentration and they wouldn't put that so close to your eyes.

    If you dye your brows at home, make sure to put Vaseline on the skin around your brows to protect it from the chemicals.
  14. Use facial hair bleach. I believe the brand name is "Jolean" or something like that, I don't remember. But you can you it on your eyebrows, many make up artists do. Leave it on for 10 minutes and you should have brown eyebrows. I bleach my eyebrows once a month, it gives my face a softer appearance with brown/black eyebrows instead of black. :smile: