1. ok so i overplucked my eyebrows:graucho:(again!) and one is way thinner than the other one:push: I am constantly messing up my eyebrows!

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to keep the brows looking good? Im thinking of getting that Anastacia eyebrow kit thing or just an eyebrow gel, any suggestions would be really helpful to a clueless girl like me:kiss:
  2. I once plucked off half my eyebrow! I know, sounds retarded, but I was in high school and not paying attention...

    I let them grow out and now I just pluck the strays...they filled out and look much better!
  3. I love the Anastasia brow kit. It has pencils and brow powder to fill in your brows until they grow back.
  4. Here's a tip for plucking your eyebrows. When you tweeze, you often have your face RIGHT up into the mirror so you can see every little hair. Just remember to take a few steps back every once in a while so you can see the bigger picture. Sometimes it looks even when you're close up to the mirror, but it's not when you look from a little more of a distance.

    I agree with the idea of using the brow stencils. For now, try not to touch your eyebrows for a while as far as tweezing and waxing. The best thing you can do is let them grow back. Of course you can do touch ups here and there, especially in the middle part, but you really need to lay off as much as possible.

    For now, you can also fill in or reshape sparse areas with pencil or brow powder. I used to always use brow powder, but now I find that a finely sharpened brow pencil in dark brown is much much more natural looking for me.

    Good luck.
  5. I agree with the brow stencils - you get the same brow every time. Powders are much easier to use than pencils and are much more fogiving should you make a mistake.

    I say grow them out - i know, i know, they take forever and look hideous while growing but once they have grown out get them waxed/tweezed professionally. Once you have the perfect shape just mantain by tweezing yourself - use it as a guide. :yes:
  6. i would use the anastacia brow kit-i'm pretty good with my brows in general and they're always pretty uniform, but i definitely notice a difference when i use the stencils. no matter how good/bad you are with shaping your eyebrows, a little help never hurts! :tup:
  7. ^ yes yes! Anatasia - the Eyebrow Queen! thumbs way up! :tup:
  8. I never leave the house without my Anastacia Brow Kit in my purse, it's a lifesaver, esp if your eyebrows are weird and unruly like mine :biggrin: If you're looking for a way to grow them back faster, I suggest you use Talika's Lipocils
  9. Benefit Brow Zings. it's smaller than a compact and includes mini tweezers. Been using that one for a long time now. Maybe when I run out, I will try Anastacia Brow Kit.
  10. I've given up on self plucking.. I'm just extra good at making myself look half surprised. I live beside a really good Indian salon that does threading (they take thread and cut/pluck hair), very cheap as well. It hurts so much the first time, but I'm an addict now
  11. First you should grow them out..then go to a salon and have them clean them up a lil..maybe by waxing them. I use to over pluck..but now I let them grow out.
  12. i only pluck strays and i have an aesthetician give my brows shape once a month...it looks much better that way!

  13. Same here!,I get mine threaded almost every two months. My hairs grow pretty slow,and in place. In the meantime I pluck the strays that are far from the hair line.The last time I got them done,I got them reshaped,but they came out too thin for my taste ( I waited only a month to grow them in). Im not getting my brows done now til august!
  14. Ok, heres my trick...
    Get an eyebrow pencil..draw in your eyebrows how you want them to look, then pluck whatever area is not drawn in. Does that make sense?
    Or, you can go and get them waxed(which I used to do faithfully..but the lady who did them moved and I dont trust anyone else lmao) once and then keep the shape yourself by plucking faithfully.
    Good luck!
  15. :yes::yes: yea, do that too! haha