EYEBROWS..and powder?

  1. How do you fill in your eyebrows while making it natural?

    A lady screwed up my eyebrow and one is thinner then the other so I went to LM for their duo in brunette, but it looked too fake on me, most likely because of the way I put it. So how do you put it to make it natural?
  2. I use eye shadow (one close to your natural hair color) and fill it in with an angled brush like the mac 208 brow brush.
  3. I use the maybelline brow powder ... the lightest one, even though my brows are sometimes a bit darker ... and just fill in lightly with the brush it comes with.
  4. you can't go wrong with eyeshadow. my eyebrows are very light so i need to make them a little darker and it looks natural.
  5. I use Origins' brow pencil. I sorta just do quick, short strokes of the pencil and then use the brush end to blend--it looks really natural!
  6. i read this last night at instyle.com.

    you can use your mascara. you wipe off the wand until it's almost clean, then you brush it to your eyebrows. so it would just darken the hairs not the skin.