Eyebrow threading

  1. They are great!
  2. personally, not a fan of threading
  3. I get my eyebrows threaded and love the results!
  4. I had this done a month ago and I assumed the woman I always go to was going to wax. She didn't and began threading...the sound of it was a little funny. For me it hurt a little more than waxing but the results lasted longer. I am not sure if I will do it again though...
  5. Eyebrow threading is by far the best method out there. While waxing creates wrinkles long term, short term I get these red bumps. Eyebrow threading hurts the first few times, but now I can't even feel it! It lasts much longer and I believe the shaping of the eyebrows is much cleaner. I think that the women can even your brows more than waxing due to its not a strip being ripped off, they actually go through the whole brow. All and all, i love eyebrow threading!
  6. how is this for people with sensitive skin? i always swell up horribly after waxing...
  7. For me, it was better for my skin than waxing. I noticed after waxing, I would get little break out by my eyebrows afterwards but it doesn't happened with threading!!
  8. I am obsessed with my eyebrows. The right eyebrow shape really does shape your face. I started five years ago, and haven't looked back. Don't be scared to try it. Its all about getting the right eyebrow technician.
  9. I have super sensitive skin, so after threading, my eyebrow area is always pretty red(that goes away after about an hour) but no swelling what so ever.
  10. Totally agree!! Best decision ever made after laser hair removal!!!
  11. Waxing pulls skin that you want to keep firm!! ;)
  12. My eyebrows always look wayyy better after threading than after waxing although I think waxing is less painful by a long shot. Unfortunately I don't live in a place where there's a conveniently located threader so I'm stuck with waxing for now. :sad:
  13. My mom and sister have been threading for years, and it took me a while to catch on to it. So much better than plucking and waxing. It does hurt a little but I am never in excruciating pain. I live in Houston and only go to a lady in Dallas where it costs me $4. I have made the mistake of going to other people in Houston and they have done horrible jobs (even to a point where they have made my skin bleed and scab). In between my trips to Dallas, I pluck the stray hairs.
  14. Love it, got it done for the first time and they look great! The best part is that it was only $5!!!
  15. it hurts but it worth it. Waxing breaks me out. Doesn't last as long as I'd like but