Eyebrow threading

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  1. Over time you get use to it.
    Would highly recommend upper lip threading. a great beautician can help minimise the pain.
  2. I've threaded upper lip as well as eyebrows and even though it is painful just a little bit, it's bearable and it gets rid of even the thickest of hairs, I would recommend it!
  3. I wasn't thrilled with the threading, (although I did get it done at the mall so who knows how experienced she was) but I felt like it didn't get all the fine hairs that waxing does.
  4. I love threading!! I love that I am not red or sore like I used to be with waxing. it also looks soooo much more natural and really enhances how thick my eyebrows are
  5. I get my eyebrows and upper lip threaded bi-weekly. It's much more effective than waxing.
  6. The best thing ever!!!
  7. I love getting my eyebrows threaded. It goes by so quick and I feel like a new decent looking person afterwards.
  8. I feel as if threading my eyebrows slows the re-growth.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good threader in Northern Virginia?

    The place I started going to in Fair Oaks Mall does them a little too thin for my liking, despite telling her I like them on the thick side every time. I also breakout in a pimple or two every d*mn time. That never happened with my girl in my previous state.
  10. i love it!! srsly so much nicer than waxing! xx
  11. That could be the fault of the technician. Try and find a well reviewed salon that knows what they're doing. Eyebrow threading can be completely hit or miss based on the person behind the thread.
  12. I absolutely love Flami at Parasmo Salon in Georgetown. She doesn't thread but plucks and trims. She's the best brow person I've used. I think the first visit is $40 and follow ups are $35. Also, she'll show you how to fill them in if needed.
  13. There's a great place in East Atlanta that does it...can't remember the name, but it's right on the main drag. As for Shoba, she's the best!
  14. I wanted to try it so bad! But It hurts so much :sad: I tried 3 times but I just can't with the pain, I will keep waxing
  15. Eyebrow threading is amazing and almost pain free. Most Indian beauty salons offer threading for a very reasonable price. I get my brows done for $8.00 and a hair henna for $20.00!