Eyebrow threading

  1. I'm sure I'm not alone in finding threading an amazing method of hair removal! It whips away everything super-quick, even fine downy hair, and it much less irritating than waxing. My eyebrows look so clean and defined afterwards!
  2. ^^ Agreed! Although one of the first times I got it done, the girl got my eyelash. So now I cover my eyelids with a couple of fingers....
  3. Ouch! Not good!
  4. It wasn't! But it happened so fast, as you can imagine..
  5. i prefer it over waxing! love it!
  6. i want to do this SO bad. but i have no idea of anywhere that does it in town.
    except there's a stand in one of our malls lol
  7. I use only threading for eyebrows and have been doing so since I was 12. I thread my own eyebrows and it's really so much better than waxing or plucking.
  8. I really want to try this, but I'm so afraid that it will hurt! I'm not so great with pain. :sad:
  9. I get better results with threading, cleaner and painless after the first time.
  10. The pain is minimal- bit of a sharp sting the first time you have it done, then much easier after that. Star1231, you do your own?! How do you learn to do it? I'm always impressed watching the salon lady doing it.

    ILuvShopping, you could try an Internet search for threading in your area
  11. Love threading! I do brows and upper lip. so much better than waxing for your skin. over time waxing causes wrinkles ugh. they're all over the place in NYC.
  12. I like that my eyebrows come out really polished after threading, it even gets the fine hairs on my face around my brows but I am sooooo particular about the shape of my brows. There's so much room for changes with threading, my brows look a tiny bit different everytime.
  13. I would love to try this...does it work for thick eyebrows too? I was unfortunately "blessed" with thick eyebrows that need a lot of upkeep :smile:
  14. I love threading! It definitely looks better than waxing or plucking.

    One ques...has anyone else's eyebrows thinned out after an extended period of threading? I've been doing this for a few years now and my eyebrows are definitely not as thick. It's ok since I had a lot to start with but wonder if this has happened to others.
  15. I agree with loving eyebrow threading. It feels relaxing. I have less irritation and redness with eyebrow threading than with waxing and plucking. Plus, it's cheaper than waxing. :smile: