Eyebrow Threading In NYC

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  1. Can anyone please recommend a place where I can get my eyebrows threaded in central nyc?

    In the UK I go to a place called blink which is fantanstic. I'm researched out with good places in NYC for eyebrow threading.

    Your help would be great. :flowers:
  2. my roommate goes to perfect brows on Columbus Ave and 57th St. - they do a great job and it's only like $10 !
  3. ^^ thank you. Just checked out the website and love that they henna tattoos too. A place to vist for sure.
  4. Can anyone recommend any other eyebrow threading place. The more the better.
  5. I go to Perfect Shape Salon 38 east 23rd Street mezzanine Floor

    I've been going there for 10years.
  6. Hello,
    On ebay you can get multiple choices for for eyebrows threading. And here You will get the best price for it...
  7. The Unique Threading chain is fantastic and only $6! I used to go to the one on 23rd/8th Ave all the time. Now I go to Perfect Brows (also a chain) on 2nd Ave/44th (closer to my office), which is $7.
  8. thank you all for the suggestions. please do keep them coming!
  9. Shobha Spa there are several locations in the city. I usually go to Soho
  10. thanks for that..i shall add it to the list.