eyebrow tattoo or embroidery?

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  1. any pros and cons? i have an appointment on saturday for eyebrow embroidery...i googled and read that embroidery needs maintainence every..2-3 years? whereas tattoos can last for 5-10 years?

    has anyone done any of them? i did a search and found nothing...after care..? any suggestions? thanks! i just hate my brows...too straight and sparse and i've had it with eyebrow makeup...:crybaby:
  2. what is eyebrow embroidery......do you mind me asking how much it costs and where are you going to have it done....thanks:love: :love:
  3. nooooo don't do an eyebrow tattoo. I think it's so weird to do that. What if you hate it? What if you change your hair color? It can't be that hard to just color your eyebrows a little everyday.

    btw, I don't know whta the embroidery is either...
  4. embroidery is a newer way of doing it..it's much more natural ...several of my friends have done it and it looks amazing..u can't really tell whether they used eyebrow powder or whether it's embroidered! it's a gentler way of doing it..for details, must google..
  5. this is what i found...
    "[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica] Eye brow tattoo is literally a tattoo. They use needles and colour to inject colour into your skin. The drawback is the colour will change (usually turns green or blue) after some time. It is permanent. To remove, you need to get a skin doc to laser the skin.

    Eye brow embroidery is almost the same. Just that the colour is only injected onto the top layer of the skin, so that it won't change colour. It lasts for two years." FemaleBridesOnline.com
  6. hello!
    I just had my eyebrows tatted for the second time this week! I love it!!! I get mine semi-permanent...because time and style does change so it'll last for a good 3-4 years. You just have to make sure you go to a PROFESSIONAL. I have seen some ugly tatted make up out there and its just really horrible!
    Mine are really natural...seems just like my normal brows..with nicely defined shape to them! :smile: And it saves A LOT of time in the morning! (Oh, and NO mine do not turn like the ugly green/blue--although i've seen others like that)--That's why you must go to a professional esthetician.
  7. hi! where are u located?
    about how much did u get the semi-permanent done for?

    thanks! i wanna compare some prices...

  8. I live in OC...but I got mine done in LA. I'm asian...so I went to a asian owned professional place...just to make sure it'll suit my features best. I have other friends that got eyebrows done in the colors to match their dyed hair..i.e. dark brown..it looks fine..but it looks like they have it drawn in. I got mine done where it looks NATURAL...and if i want a more dramatic look I can always shade in with different eyebrow color pencils..etc... As for pricing.. its originally $500, but they are having a special till mid Oct. I believe..for $250.
    Continue to do your research...it's your face..you only want the BEST...for urself, the price and style your looking for.
    If you want..I can give you the number...doesn't hurt if you just have questions to ask them...Good Luck with your search! :biggrin:
  9. I had chemotherapy and my eyebrows fell out and didn't grow back right. So I have eyebrow tattoos. They have never changed color but they fade and need a bit of retouching after several years.
  10. I've had my eyebrows tattooed for about a year now & I love them!
    They don't look fake or anything, because of the way she did the strokes.

    I'm asian, so we had to use black, & black usually turns blue, so she mixed in some brown dye to prevent it from turning blue, & the black prevents the brown from turning red!
  11. i hv an appointment with one in alhambra........care to share the information for urs?

    i'm being quoted $300 for the embroidery as it's quite uncommon here...and it's like a newer technology or sth..

    let me know! thanks! :P

  12. how long hv u had them for?


  13. The office number is 213.365.9633..it's on da 3700 block of Wilshire Blvd. in LA. The head director is Mrs. Kang.

    Everyone has different needs and style...this place worked wonders for me, but as I said...do your research and get it done at a place that fits all your needs~ Good Luck and Have Fun with it! :yahoo:
  14. My mom had hers tatted like 10 or 12 years ago, and they still look good!
    Her eyebrow hairs weren't thick and she was tired of using pencils, now they appear much thicker, but very natural. People are surprised when she tells them that they are tatted on. She has black hair and they haven't turned greenish or anything. Also, it makes plucking much easier b/c you have a guide.

    However, if you're asain I would look into where you get them! I've seen a few asian friends with them and they can look very unnatural like they're painted on. Especially b/c they eyebrow hairs covering them are very light and thin. Def go to a place that specializes or caters to clients with similar needs.

    The only drawback is the shape is permanent. If you like to change your eyebrows with the seasons it won't work for you. My mom is a very natural basic shape--no dramatic arch, etc. What looks good on your face now may not look good 10 years later. Hopefully this helps!
  15. I had mine done by Debra Robson-Lawrence in the UK and it would be what's called embroidery - in the upper layer, and it fades.

    From my (totally positive:yes: ) experience, you won't regret it, but it might hurt a bit (DEAL with it - it's worth it!;) ) and you should be able to draw in your ideal and direct the therapist to do them in the exact way you've specified.;)

    Good Luck! (from one eyebrow-challenged LOL lady to another!:smile: )

    PS Aftercare - the provider should tell you that, if not don't go with them - if it's either embroidery or straight tatts, DON'T PICK IT! Seriously, don't pick or fuss at it, and ask the therapist/provder what aftercare they suggest, my Debra gal told me these at the initial consultation:

    Don't pick;
    smother with vasline;
    don't expose to unfiltered sunlight or retin-a heavy creams
    ..... and she was so, so right (I picked a bit of my embroidery and had to get it redone, I know what I'm talking about!) C:heart: