Eyebrow shade - dull? Suggestions please. (w/pics)

  1. Hope someone can help me out.

    I have a question about the colour of my brows.

    My hair is a sort of dark dirty blond, and I heard brows should be a shade or two darker than hair.

    I'm wondering if I should dye mine a bit lighter, I'm not sure, they can appear a lot darker (as in stand out) but what I don't like is the fact that the colour is "dull" (if you know what I mean)

    Everytime I try to find info it's always about making grows "darker" or using a pencil.

    Now, from the photos do you think I should go for a slightly lighter shade, or is there some way I can get a "colour" and not just the natural dull shade.

    What are the solutions?
    I once applied a bit of foundation powder with a sponge to see how a lighter shade would look, something more similar to my hair and it didn't look too bad.

    Any suggestions/advice/help would be greatly appreciated. :confused1:

    Photo 2 seems to highlight the more accurate hair colour shades. Some are slightly in the sun, since my hair tends to look "lighter".
    brow1.jpg brow.jpg brow2.jpg brow4.jpg
  2. I actually like the way they look currently.
  3. no, I don;t think they look dull at all. They are a great shape and color. STEP AWAY FROM YOUR BROWS!
  4. I agree with both previous posters. I think you're eyebrows are fine that way. They look very natural and not dull at all!
  5. I think they look great as they are. I really like the shape.
  6. i actually think they look fine the way they are.
  7. I think you are very beautiful and your eyebrows are fine the way they are, eyebrows frame your face and can change the look of your face if you change the colour/shape of them etc so i would keep them as they are :smile:
  8. alouette, monicamacatubal, missmustard, lv-lover, mj805:

    Thank you all so very much for your replies. Well that saves me the trouble of "change" then :sweatdrop:

    xhollieax - Thank you, you're sweet, and for your advice is great! :yes:
  9. Nope leave them the color they are. You might consider having them thinned a slight bit, not thin a la Pamela Anderson though! You have nice thickness and natural shape but you could have a bit more arch by removing a few hairs under the outside third of the brow.
  10. I think the color is fine! It doesn't look dull at all. Maybe get them waxed and shaped a little to emphasize your arch. You'll look much more glamorous, and you'll stop feeling dull! It really does help.
  11. Shiba, LV Mandy, thanks! They're *slightly* more arched now, since those are older shots.

    I appreciate your replies :smile:

    monicamacatubal: you're right, I need to step away before I get obsessive :rolleyes:

  12. I think they look great the way they are!

    Very pretty, I must add :tup:
  13. Aww, thanks :shame:
  14. Your eyebrows are perfect for you! I think you'll be sorry if you try and change them. :yes:
  15. Thank you Jayne :smile: