Eyebrow micropigmentation (tattoo)


Jan 28, 2008
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Has anyone had this done? What is the price range?

I found a place in NYC and am contemplating getting this done. It would be about $600 for initial procedure visit and $200 for a touch up.

I've read about women getting it done and their eyebrows looking blue after awhile, but i' would be going to a very reputable place where they use only the best ingredients.
So, any thoughts, comments?


Dec 9, 2006
The thought of permanent makeup scares the heck out of me. Way too risky. Think about eyeliner trends of the 80's.


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Jan 21, 2009
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I'm gonna get mine done soon, because they are super light (not enough hairs), and I have a small scar on one, and the outer 1/4 of my brows is missing. I only want it to look natural (look like I have eyebrows) and then I'll still use pencil/dye/etc a little bit for day to day (or a lot for when I want to look made up).

Anyway I have been reading about it plenty, so to answer your question on pricing, it would depend on your area of course. Also depending on if you are going to a fancy spa place or a place with an MD supervising. Typically I see places charging $450-500 for the eyebrow package which includes three treatments. In my area at least. Not surprising if NYC tends to be $100 more, but does that place you were looking at not even include a touchup at all? If they include the 2 additional sessions then that price seems fine, but either way, you might want to look around. Apparently most women need the 3 times, some maybe only need 2 -- it's extremely likely you are going to want 2 or 3.

The blue and green icky colors are normally for the people who got black ink instead of getting dark brown or a mix of brown/black. Brown can sometimes fade to be reddish/orangy though, so it helps to have some black mixed in apparently.

You can always do a google search for more info since this topic is discussed a lot.


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
My mother got hers done they look great. Really look at other customers that they have done worry more about quality than price. My mother paid 400 in bloomfield.
Jul 5, 2007
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