Eyebrow makeup.

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  1. Just great! My eyebrows were looking a little funky yesterday so I decided to get them waxed.The lady that did them for me was new.Usually ill just wait for "my" lady but i was in a rush.Well I learned my lesson!.
    Anyways she messed up my eyebrows bad!. I have no ends!.My eyebrows end at the point of the arch.:wtf:

    Whats the best eyebrow powder brand do i use to fill them end till they grow back?

    please help.
  2. Oh dear! i use benefit brow zings on my eyebrows, it's fab and very natural
  3. ^^^
    i was gonna say the same thing!
  4. So sorry! What a horrible thing to have happen! Don't watch Grey's Anatomy on Thursday ... "mamma" takes Cristina's eyebrows before her wedding!

    Seriously now, I know that Smashbox has a kit that is one part wax and the other part color. Apply with brush. That might help with extending your arch down in a natural shape. But I don't know if it is smudgeproof.
  5. Anastasia makes products specifically for brows. Go to Nordstrom and have a rep do them for you. Its very natural looking.
  6. Eeek! I hope you didn't pay her. As for products, I'm sorry that I can't be of any help, but I sure hope you find something you like.
  7. I use benefit browzings too!! love it! powder, wax, and cute little tweezers and brushes!
  8. i love anastasia. i agree that the powders are very natural looking.
  9. I'm gonna have to agree with you two on that one!
  10. I also use Anastasia. If you buy one of her kits at Sephora, you can also get the stencils, tweezers, brow stick and the stuff that keeps eyebrows in place.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.