Eyebrow Lifts? Non-endoscopic


Sep 26, 2016
Hi!!! I've been researching procedures for around 6 months now and I think I have my options lined up well. Something that I never see discussed though is eyebrow lifts. I'm 19 and have developed very droopy lids starting in middle school because of rubbing friction and eyelid glue. I also have naturally downturned brows (but even eyes). It all makes me feel so old and clumsy-looking. I see lots of talk of forehead lifts and endoscopic lifts, but My forehead skin is still quite firm and thick. I will definitely do DES and ptosis, but I'd also like to do my brows at the same time because my eyes will still look sad afterward if I don't.

I am interested in having skin removed above my brow and having everything brought up, including the shape of my eyes. This is similar to a form of eye lift that I think DAPRS? does where they take skin from under the brow to life the eye. Ideally I would cover up the scars with eyebrow hair transplants because my hairline is also pretty messed and I want to do FUT (my genetics do me no favors ever!!!!!) Does anybody here have any experience with these types of procedures? Is anybody here having the same problems/insecurities? Please share your opinions and stories, I would love advice from you all :smile:


May 7, 2015
I was recommended to do eyebrowlift instead of double eyelid surgery because I actually had double eyelids but my lids were just saggy.
I didn't go for the sugery because my primary goal was get my revisional rhinoplasty done.
I am definitely going back to Korea to get my eyes checked again.