eyebrow help-what can grow them?

  1. i've been using talika, and castor oil. any other ideas? rogaine? what might help?
    i'm interestd in using rogaine but i'm afraid that more hairs will fall out when i stop using it. any help would be greatly appreciate.. i want my bushy eyebrows back...

    btw how long will they take to grow? its been 2 weeks and only a few hairs have come up.
  2. What happened to them?
  3. Anastasia has this new product called Nu Grow that's supposed to help grow your brow hair. It's 35 dollars and you can find it at Sephora.
  4. ^I need that. Half my eyebrow was waxed off in Sept '03 and it never grew back to the same thickness.
  5. I heard that rogaine works
  6. ^^I have heard that as well.