Eyebrow embroidery / other perm makeup in Seoul

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  1. Hope to make this a master thread for permanent makeup (specifically Korea). Please share your experience(s), places to recommend/avoid, price, etc! Thanks all :smile:
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  2. I went EL hair&makeup which is in Apgujeong for getting permanent makeup. I remember the price was about 300,000 WON.
    Also I forgot the salon's name but located in Yeoksam-dong. They were good tho. I am trying to remember salon's name :sad:
  3. Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing. What perm makeup did you get? And is EL where you got them done? What's the other salon for? Haha sorry I'm a bit confused rn. Thanks!
  4. HiHi Mandy :smile:
    I just got one-day make up for my event.. do you meant tattoo perm make up? sorry for my misunderstand lol.
  5. Cathy what happen if mistake made. How to remove?
  6. im also looking for PM in sk. Anyone know any places to recommend for upper liner and 3d (hair strokes) brows?
  7. I think Regen does this.
  8. Hello, I will be in Seoul in mid January and am interested in doing upper eyeliner embroidery? Can anyone recommend a place and what the avg. cost might be so I know I'm not given a "foreigner" price. TIA.
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  9. I'm interested too! I've been thinking about getting 3D eyebrow tattooing but I've heard you need to get a touch up appointment about a month later. But I would be gone from Seoul by then. Does anyone know how important it is to do the touch up?
  10. Hi! My mom and I will be in Seoul mid January 2017 as well! I'm taking her to do 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Tattoo, since I did it this summer (July 19th, with a touch-up on August 1st). The place where I did my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery also does 3D Eyeliner! I just asked them the prices for 2017 and 3D Eyeliner (including touch-up) is 70,000KRW. They don't really speak a lot of English tho, but they understand it well enough!

  11. Hi! Did you end up doing the 3D Eyebrow Tattooing? When I did my first 3D Eyebrow Embroidery I asked them about it too. For me, I was able to do my touch-up almost 2 weeks (first appointment was on July 19th, touch-up was on August 1st 2016) after my first appointment. A touch-up is recommended, but I guess you can decide if you want to do it or not. They told me with touch-up, it will last at least 1 if not 2 years.
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm a longtime PurseForum lurker - never thought I could add much expertise until I came across this thread. I traveled to Korea in December and visited Aria Beauty in Gangnam, Seoul for eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner tattooing after one of my friends came back from her own trip to Korea with beautiful brows from Aria. This beauty studio is a one-woman shop run by Aria, who is highly skilled at semi-permanent brow embroidery, eyeliner tattoos, hairline tattoos and lip tattoos. I am not affiliated with her in any way but I thought I would post my review here because I had such a positive experience and I wanted to pass the info along here since I frequently benefit from all of the helpful advice on PurseForum.

    I am personally very picky when it comes to services - I love it when people give their all to what they do (because that's what I try to do in my own line of work). I noticed right away that Aria goes above and beyond to provide top quality service to her clients. She has an art background, so she spent a long time creating a beautiful shape for my brows. She has a very sweet and kind personality and made my visits very pleasant. She was also very meticulous, checking the shape of my brows and eyeliner several times during my sessions until they were perfect. She served me a little bottle of soda at the start of both my visits (I went for an initial visit and then a retouch session two weeks afterward) and also included an after-care packet free of charge at the end of my sessions.

    I know pricing can be a concern for those of us traveling to Korea, especially "Korean pricing v. foreigner pricing," but it's not an issue here - Aria posts her rates online and at her shop, and I found them to be very reasonable. The below/attached chart is in Korean, but you can see the range for her eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo services.

    Aria Beauty is located about 100 meters from Gangnam Station (line number 2), exit 1, at Central Prugio Building, Tower 1, Suite 409.

    The one difficulty you may encounter is that Aria tries her best to communicate in English but she's not fluent. She prefers to be contacted via text/Kakao/email. Her Kakao ID is ariabt and her phone number is 010-7235-6262. I'll try to come back to this post with her e-mail address.

    You can see examples of her work on her blog: http://blog.naver.com/topkass5055

    Naver listing showing her address: http://map.naver.com/local/siteview.nhn?code=37050106&_ts=1484353297115

    As a beauty consumer, I can be tough to satisfy, but I walked away from my visits with Aria so pleased that I was moved to write this post. Definitely recommend her for anyone looking to do eyebrow embroidery and other semi-permanent makeup in Korea. Hope this information is helpful for you lovelies!! :heart:

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  14. Thank you so much for this! Really interested in getting my brows done by her. Just asking to confirm, but eyebrow embroidery is essentially microblading, right?
  15. Whoops, sorry for the super belated response! Yes, that’s right, microblading and eyebrow embroidery both refer to the same semipermanent brow process.

    I was in Seoul again a few months ago and had the opportunity to have my brows done by Aria again. She’s added a new natural, longer-lasting formula to her arsenal and I was very pleased with my results.

    Wishing everyone beautiful brows!
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