Eye Twitching

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  1. For the past week, my lower left eyelid has been twitching on and off. It is getting very irritating and has never lasted this long before. I only drink about 2 cups of coffee a day so is caffiene the only thing that can be causing this? Has this ever happened to anyone? Should I be concerned?
  2. Never for that long. Is your eyelid irritated at all?
  3. Right before I quit teaching, I had an eye twitch for about a month. I attributed it to stress. DH and I were moving to another state, we had to sell our house quickly, I had quit my job and find another in a new state, I was leaving my family . . . I was very stressed. It stopped twitching after I got settled in my new life.
  4. it could be stress related. keep a pen and paper with you or a pda to write down when it happened, stop and think what were you doing anywhere from 1min before to 1 hour before it happened. if you notice that the time between each twitch is decreasing, get to a doctor because it could be a sign of neurological problems or sever stress that can cause other problems.
  5. yeah I have been under alot of stress since last October. I'm hoping thats what it is. and no Melissa, there doesn't seem to be any irritation to the lid itself.
  6. I get the eye twitching problem every so often. It's usually when I am stressing out about something. I don't think it's anything serious. If it becomes bothersome, I would mention it to your doctor.
  7. I believe its the stress, once you feel better, it should go away. But if not, you should consult a doctor! Good luck with everything! :biggrin:
  8. I agree it's probably stress. It's kinda of running joke with my girlfriends and I that when we're venting about hubby or kids we'll say something to the effect of "_____'s making me so angry my eye's twitching". It wouldn't hurt to get an eye exam if you haven't had one in a while, but I do believe the most common cause of eye twitching with no other symptoms is stress.

    Edited to add.....when my eye twitches due to stress it can last for several days.
  9. it's usually strees related... have you been stressed lately? mine does this every once in a while
  10. Yeah,you're right you should see a doctor,I read that it probably has some connection with random discharging of some nerve fibers in the nerves that are controlling the movements of eyelids..Some ophtalmologists think that the reason for these twitches is too much caffeine in the blood,so they recommend lowering the caffeine intake.I got these tips on the net and maybe you can try to see,if you can some more info at JDhealthcare.com,they are specialised in Neuro-Opthalmology ..It don't seem to be a serious problem.I also read that the solution maybe the removal of whatever is causing irritation of the nerve or sometimes Botulinum injections may help.I didn't understood this part,but maybe it can help..
  11. thanks so much everybody. I'm thinking it is stress related and too much caffiene. If it continues, I'm definitely going to the doc.
  12. It's usually from stress, I used to get it a lot earlier last year, it's really annoying.
  13. Probably from stress, my Mom gets it whenever three members of our family come to stay. She thought it was a coincidence, but it's happened consistently six times.
  14. Stress...I hate it when it does it out in public! I feel like everyone can see my eye twitching lol
  15. I have eye twitching problems in times when I am stressed out too. It'll happen randomly, when I'm not having a stressful moment.. but in general my life is stressful during the times it happens.